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Dynamic Paint v.1.17 out

Dec-19-2010    12 Comments

Bake status reportingYesterday I found an easy way to report Dynamic Paint status without console. Just show the result within the ui - like many other Blender parts have done for a while. Yet, I never figured it's possible to do that. :x

Now, when baking is done you get a new text field below the bake button that tells you what happened. On a successful bake it just reports "Bake complete! (Time: -)". In case of an error, like missing UV data or no paint objects in scene, you'll get an error message that tells you what's wrong.

Of course all this info has always been visible at console, but now it's easily visible within the ui! Still can't believe I didn't figure this out earlier. x_X

EDIT: I also added Blender 2.5x style error and warning messages in case of a non-successful bake.

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Jan-05-2011 01:04

Actually in Blender 2.5 operators can report errors/warnings/info using a common API.

It is accessible with self.repport('ERROR', "error message") in python but also accessible from C.

The message will appear in the info header and blocking errors can pop up a confirmation dialog.
Jan-09-2011 17:23
Yes, what Xat said. texture baking does this for exampel
Jan-17-2011 17:12
I'm not able to build with the latest release 34369 with patch 1.17b applied.
Jan-17-2011 17:14
As it happens, I just uploaded version 1.8 five minutes ago. :)
Jan-17-2011 17:45
Whooh, you're fast :)

I was just checking back thinking that I should post a bit more information, and the fix is already posted.

Applied the patch and it compiled fine this time.

I'm on a Linux 64 system and I noticed mixed directory seperaters in the Dynamic Paint Output panel, ie. "/tmp\paintmap", "/tmp\wetmap", etc.

Not sure if that matters, but I though that I would mention it.
Jan-19-2011 18:53

I read your post #25686 in Blender bug tracker.

Your patch seems to support only SCons build system, but I think it also has to support CMake to be merged into the upstream.

Jan-19-2011 19:01

Unfortunately I don't know anything about CMake. Let's hope someone who does, is kind enough to help me out with it. :p
Jan-20-2011 02:34
Haha, why don't you learn CMake?

BTW, I recommend you to remove non-ASCII characters or add magic comment like:

/* -*- coding: iso-8859-1 -*- */

at the first line in new files to specify the character encoding.

Jan-20-2011 07:36
Because atm I don't have time or interest of setting up and learning other environments...

Hmm. never heard of a compiler that can't handle scandic letters in comments. :o
But if it's really going to be a problem, I guess I just have to misspell my name. Adding an encoding line would get messed by SVN auto-headers.
Jan-20-2011 09:38
Probably scandic letters in comments don't affect compilation result, but text editor might incorrectly recognize the encoding. In my environment (default language is Japanese), your name becomes unreadable as "Miika H舂舁臺nen".

There is another solution that you merely change the encoding to utf-8.

Jan-21-2011 14:54
Okay, CMake should work now. (Will be fixed in the next release.)
Jan-22-2011 17:30
Thanks, I'm looking forward to it!

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