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Dynamic Vertex Groups

Jan-30-2011    10 Comments

Dynamic Paint Vertex GroupRecently I have been working to improve Dynamic Paint functionality and allow painless Ptex (Per-Face Texture Mapping) integration in the future.

This next step is _vertex painting_. Basically you'll be able to select canvas output type. Available options will be vertex, Ptex and image output (current dp). Vertex output allows you to paint vertex colors, vertex groups and displaces.

Operating on vertex level makes things easier in many ways. First of all you don't have to unwrap any UV data or load image sequence textures to make it work. It's just clicking bake and seeing the results. Even displace will happen directly by the Dynamic Paint modifier.

Negative things compared to image textures are limited resolution and rendering options. That's why vertex stuff isn't going to replace current Dynamic Paint but to be an alternative way. Hopefully Ptex will be the ultimate Dynamic Paint solution. :)

I made a small demo of vertex group/weight painting. A grass worm.

In that video grass particle length is defined by a Dynamic Paint generated vertex group.

Please note that this is still in very early stage of development. You shouldn't expect any kind of test versions for several weeks.

Posted by MiikaH at 12:55

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Jan-30-2011 14:54
That would be awesome with smoke!!
Gottfried Hofmann
Jan-30-2011 15:35
Wow, this will fullfill the wishes of many mograph artists!
Big Fan
Jan-30-2011 21:53
Ha ha! that made me laugh.
Its great! :D
I really enjoy visiting your blog to see the ingenious things you come up with.
Jan-31-2011 07:33
You know that the AnimAll addon (in trunk) lets you animate regular vgroups?

Jan-31-2011 07:46

Yeah, but afaik you have to animate them manually using keyframes?
Dread Knight
Feb-01-2011 06:57
That's awesome. I think there was another dude implementing Ptex, but he kinda disappeared a few months ago (maybe too busy).
I'm really looking forward to use Ptex for game development. I do agree it might put a strain on the video card's memory on some cases (because you would pretty much not reuse texture space in efficient ways), but I think this could come in handy for terrain/environment, because I would jut model terrain and then stamp different textures on it and make it look good very fast.
Keep up the good work!
Feb-01-2011 07:17
@Dread Knight

I'm not actually implementing Ptex support. I'm just making sure Dynamic Paint is able to process Ptex stuff when it finally gets implemented. :p
Feb-01-2011 15:10
Wahaaaaa !!!
Feb-07-2011 13:18
@MiikaH ah gotcha, you are generating a vgroup animation with dynpaint.. super
Feb-16-2011 09:26
If you use dynamic paint with the particle textures Jahka has recently introduced, can you trigger a particle emission with another particle?


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