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iWave foam generation

Feb-17-2011    4 Comments

Wake and foam testingLately I have been tweaking and testing iWave simulator to achieve more realistic results. Sadly it seems like the more tests I do, more strange behavior I encounter. :)

But realistic or not. Results are at least very interesting, allowing yet another new way for Blender objects to interact. So of course I will finish this project and improve it as much as possible. One new thing is foam generation. When enabled, it automatically generates foam on wave highpoints and is very good for boat wake/trail foam.

Notice a "bug" how those small waves are moving in the wrong direction in the beginning. Let's consider it as engine turbulence. ;)

Basic water movement (ambient waves) are generated using Blender's new Ocean Simulator modifier, boat wakes using iWave.

Because adding new 2D-simulators to Dynamic Paint is quite easy it's likely that I will implement an alternative more accurate wave simulator sometime in the future.

Edit: An alternative wave algorithm (not iwave :x) has been added to Dynamic Paint instead.

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Sam Vila
Feb-17-2011 20:31
I think the main problem is how the old waves are fade off , should be faster, then you could re-create a more realistic simulation, but maybe the problem is with the iwave code it self wich cause a strange behaviour.
Big Fan
Feb-19-2011 08:25
Pretty cool effect however boats dont make waves like that to my knowledge...
Feb-24-2011 19:21
Hi Miika,

your developments are great.. what an evolution since the first version !

The "reverse waves" can also come from an optical illusion, like when the wheels of a car seem to roll in reverse when filmed.

Cheers !
May-20-2011 13:27
I guess iWave algorithm is incorrect. I've checked finite differences and they are not correct. Why it is working is a good question. Tricks with the "strange operator" (square root from minus laplacian) may be uselless too. I emailed J. Tesendorf, but get no answer. May be i have wrong email.

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