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Dynamic Paint v2 preview

Jun-03-2011    6 Comments

Google Summer of Code 2011As most of you know, I was accepted to work on improving Dynamic Paint this summer as a Google Summer of Code student. The coding period began two weeks ago and now I finally have something to demo.

The biggest goal of my GSoC project is allowing vertex and Ptex level painting. Those formats will use Blender's point cache as storage thus allowing such cool things like real-time viewport preview of canvas and no need for UV mapping or to actually care for file locations etc.

Here is a screencap demoing vertex level displacement painting + real-time viewport preview:

It's still heavily work in progress so it will take at least a week before I'll commit these changes to my GSoC branch (soc-2011-carrot). Also, the final Ptex support is pending until Nicholas Bishop (or someone else) finishes the basic Ptex implementation for Blender. :s

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kike sanz
Jun-03-2011 15:51
instead of particles eating away at mesh how about if mesh catches fire . would this be possible with dynamic paint? imagine a torch touching a wall and then wall emitting particles up wall to ceiling and catching fire too. there could be simple rules for burning like a min of 10 particle contact for smoke, 20 for fire so if only 11 particles touch wall wall would only darken and smoke if 21 particles touch wall wall starts burning and quickly burns out but if particles continue to touch wall more than 20 then fire would spreed up wall to ceiling. basically number particles contact mesh would determine length of fire or smoke duration. if blender had nodes would this be possible? Thanks for hard work
Jun-03-2011 16:27
@kike sanz

Yes, I have been planning something like that. I'll probably add some kind of "particle painting" when that new "paged particles"/dynamic particle emission system by Lukas is ready.

Currently the number of particles is predefined, so it's not possible yet.
Rob Cozzens
Jun-04-2011 08:35
OMG! That's awesome! Keep up the great work!
carlos santos
Jun-04-2011 14:58
Really nice work. I think giant 3d soft corporates shake in fear when they ear the name "Blender".

Jun-04-2011 18:07
this is awesome work your doing, i hope that this stuff makes it to the official trunk cuz its really cool
Jun-04-2011 21:54

Great stuff !!!

Will you add possibility to preview dynamic paint simulations as bump map in GLSL display mode ?

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