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Dynamic Paint Waves

Jul-03-2011    7 Comments

Dynamic Paint WavesLast week I was checking my iWave implementation from February. As you may remember it had quite strange issues: it kept emitting waves way too long after the obstacle had moved away, and sometimes waves seemed to move in wrong direction.

Finally I decided to implement another 2D wave algorithm instead. This time it's based on "Height Field Fluids" slides by Matthias Müller-Fischer. With some modifications it now works on mesh objects and is even compatible with new vertex surfaces.

Basic implementation is now ready and committed to soc-2011-carrot branch. It may still need some tweaking but unless something critical appears this should be about finished.

Here is a video showing a couple of test scenes:

If you want to try it yourself, here is a sample .blend file for carrot branch revisions 38044 and later.
Download .blend

Posted by MiikaH at 14:04

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Jul-03-2011 17:34
Wow, I just tried this out. I was pretty blown away at how easy this was to setup and how good the outcome is! Great work!
Jul-03-2011 20:25

Your work is outstanding. Thank you very much.
Keep it up.
Daniel Yount
Jul-06-2011 07:47
Does a Linux version exist of the carrot branch, all I see is the windows symbol by the carrot branch. Will the code also compile on Linux. I have not tried yet , but would like to add this mod to my blender version. Do you have a patch for versions of blender for it?

Jul-06-2011 08:09
compiles on linux :-)
just uploaded builds to graphicall
Jul-06-2011 15:35
Wow! this is fantastic.

Great job, you made an effect that has always been a problem to make no problem at all.
Radu Alexandru Popescu
Jul-06-2011 22:41
Looks amazing ...
One small problem though: I can't make it work in Blender 2.58.1 r38158. Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.
Jul-08-2011 18:10
hello. i'm newbie. how to use blender revisions?

thanks :)

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