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Dynamic Paint - Laser Carving

Sep-07-2011    8 Comments

One of the best ways to test Dynamic Paint stability and workflow is to actually use it to do all kind of test demos. Yesterday I was playing with idea of laser beam digging into ground, eventually it turned out to be cool enough to post online. :D

This scene combines all my favorite Blender tools: Dynamic Paint, smoke simulator and particles. I used a Dynamic Paint canvas with multiple surfaces to get results for displace, color trail and fading glow. Laser beam is simply a cylinder with volumetric high emission material.

Posted by MiikaH at 09:29

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Sep-07-2011 12:10
Epic logo reconstruction! I didn't see that coming until the three prongs were carved in. Great job!
kike sanz
Sep-07-2011 16:38
cool man! demo is much appreciated
Sep-08-2011 12:06
Wow!!!, a very interesting mix between 3 powerfull features on Blender.
Congratulations Miika.
srujan ragahvendra
Sep-09-2011 08:08
HI miikha. just watched your blender logo laser carving demo. Its simply awesome. I beg of you,please post a detailed tutorial on this efx on your blog.I am really egerly waiting for this tutorial. thank u verymuch pal.
Sep-11-2011 04:27
Wow, that's awesome! Care to share the .blend? :)
Big Fan
Sep-12-2011 03:42
When will this finally get into Blender? 2.61?
I read a while ago that you were working on updating your tutorials to complete the SOC mission but I havent seen it mentioned anywhere since..
Oct-15-2011 00:32
You're doing a great job.
I would like the wave generator also generates some particles on the waves higher.
Nov-11-2011 13:18
Err, thank you ?

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