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Ship Wake Testing

Nov-18-2011    6 Comments

Yesterday I decided to try combine some of the upcoming Blender 2.61 features in a single scene.

After some experimenting it turned into a simple ship animation. You can check the result here:

I used ocean modifier to create the general sea motion and Dynamic Paint to generate the ship trail: A wave surface for the wake itself and a basic "Paint" surface as a foam mask.

Finally, the animation was rendered with the Cycles render engine over night. (Couldn't fit camera tracker into this test... :s)

The ship model was downloaded from Blend Swap. ("Tall Ship" by Natholas)

Posted by MiikaH at 09:30

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Tags: Blender, Dynamic Paint, Ocean, Cycles

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Nov-18-2011 13:41
Sorry to be a pain, but could you update this post with a link to the video. For some reason I can't get the one you embedded in this post to show up. If not it's no big deal.
Nov-18-2011 14:34
Nov-19-2011 16:43
Awesome seeing all these features put together and what they can do. If I may nag ;) The water is affected by the boat passing through it, but to further increase the realism the boat needs to be affected by the waves. Right now it looks like a bulldozer plowing through those waves. anyway, I know it´s a test =)Tnx!
Nov-22-2011 14:42
Nice test! It opens a lot of gates.
I'd like to know the process.
Parenting the ship to one vertex on the sea can simulate the ship motion on ocean.
But nice job with Dynapaint
kike sanz
Nov-23-2011 05:30
there is option to create weight map with dyna-paint but i noticed it does not seem to work with controlling particle emission. maybe it my error am i mistaken thinking surface weight is the same weight paint?
i downloaded dynamic paint weight blend file(grass worm) i selected plane an changed from hair to emitter and it did not work.
Cecil C
Feb-01-2015 20:43
Hello Miikah,
I am struggling to create a similar scene in Blender 2.72, and haven't been able to find any reference material to help me along. Also no tutorials and very little in my reference books. I wonder if you would be willing to share your file so I may reverse-engineer it?
Thank you,

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