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More Dynamic Paint videos by users

Dec-05-2011    3 Comments

Posting some more awesome Dynamic Paint usages picked from YouTube/Vimeo. It's always interesting to see what people are creating with it. :)

Apatosaurus+DynamicPaint-Blender2.6 by blenderguy2008 (Footstep displace):

VisFX Blender Project 5: Water "Blending" by magiciandude (The pond water motion):

Burning paper in Blender by Linny:

Lets Paint!! by Michael Fox:

Posted by MiikaH at 17:51

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Big Fan
Dec-06-2011 08:57
Yeah this is a great addition to Blender.
It must be very gratifying to see people making creative use of it.
Thank you so much for your efforts :D
Dec-06-2011 15:26
MIkaah, you did a incredible work with your dynamic paint tools!
What i like most with you work is, that it works very well with the other tools in blender too.
Almost no limmitaion! Great!
Dec-21-2011 16:56
I apologize if I'm out to lunch on this question, but what about dynamic texture paint? Is that even technically possible? I can sort of do it by converting a texture to vertex color by the 'vcol paint' button. That is limited a bit because to get the vertex color version to look similar to a texture one has to use alot of vertices.

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