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Dynamic Paint Testing

Dec-23-2011    2 Comments

Once again I was playing with Dynamic Paint eventually ending up with two new demo videos.

Dynamic Paint - Snow Test:

This was a simple experiment trying to make realistically gathering snow in Blender.

To do the effect I used an "incremental" displace surface with very low negative "displace factor" value. This made snow to slowly increase displace on areas where particles touched the mesh. Then I just added another white paint surface on top of it.

Snow surface is a bit too bumpy due to over amplified effect of individual snow flakes. (To not have to render 10 minutes of snowing. :)

I suppose another better approach would have been to actually use fluid particles of high viscosity. Though bake times would for sure have been longer than current 2 min for 1000 frames.

Dynamic Paint - Rain Ripples:

This time I was using Dynamic Paint waves to replicate rain ripples on a mirror calm water surface. I think it worked out quite nicely and it didn't really require any more work than slightly tweaking wave surface parameters. It's all texturing and bump maps so the water mesh is just a single quad.

To rant about something: particle system was really giving me a headache. Like usually, I had to use particle colliders of animated "permeability" to regulate the emission speed. Due to lack of reactor particles or texture/weight controlled emission it was impossible to create any kind of splash at points where rain drop hit the water. Not to mention two new bugs I encountered...

So I'm really looking forward to upcoming node based particles system by Lukas Tönne. :)

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Dec-23-2011 18:39
The water ripples one would make a great animated background if it was rendered in 1080p.
Awesome as always :D
srujan raghavendra
Dec-24-2011 07:05
Dear miikah, Dynamic paint is the big thing in bLender. we all love it very much. Please post some nice tutorials for beginners.thank you

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