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More SVN Log Updates

Mar-03-2012    3 Comments

I have added even more features to my Blender SVN pages.

Commit messages now display the authors full name instead of cryptic username, revisions in commit messages are now shown as links and there is a "changed paths" list on each revision page. Additionally some Statistics pages now have new file related charts. E.g. developer pages show most edited files and number of added, deleted and modified files.

Commit Logs are also available as RSS feeds in case you want to follow Blender commits more closely. You can subscribe All Commits, Trunk Commits or commits from a specific branch from any branches' statistics page.

Update: You can also use RSS feeds with "short-title" option (All Commits, Trunk Commits), this way revision title is printed as "r12345:" instead of "Revision 12345 (trunk/blender):". This can be useful if your reader has only limited screen space.

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Larry Phillips
Mar-03-2012 18:34
Excellent! Thanks for all your work here.
Mar-04-2012 13:34
Thanks, been waiting for a good rss feed ever since cia.vc stopped working...

a suggestion, I use live bookmarks in FF to view the feed so the space for the tile is quite limited (60 characters). For now I only shows:

Revision 44635 (/trunk/blender)fix for building openjpeg ima...

A different formatting would save some space, for example:
r44635 (trunk) fix for building openjpeg image support on Op...

Mar-04-2012 17:48
Actually I tested several other formats before settling to this one, and for some reason revisions written as "r44635" seemed much harder to scan to my eye. :(

I also like having the "/blender" part there to keep it consistent with other variations (trunk/lib, branches/xyz, tags/xyz)

So in this case I'm not sure if seeing a couple of more words through Live Bookmarks is worth making the title less readable in general.

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