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Displacement map painting

Aug-02-2010    4 Comments

Yet another way to use Mesh Paint: displacement maps. (Or bump maps too for that matter.)

Next I'm gonna clean up the code from useless test stuff and perhaps release a first test version. :)

For next features I'm planning to add some kind of animated "effects" like dripping and expanding.

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Mesh Paint progress update

Aug-01-2010    2 Comments

During the last week I added mesh paint properly to Blender source (my previous implementation was just a bunch of edited modifiers :p) and added user interface elements. I think that was one of the hardest parts of this whole project. Just browsing through Blender source trying to figure out how to add new modifiers, operator buttons etc. :)

I also did some optimizations and improvements on base code and added some new features.

Particle painting is now finished:

Then I added sub steps to allow solid results even with fast moving objects:

I'm soon about to finish displacement painting as well.

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Category:Blender, Development
Tags: Blender, Dynamic Paint, Particles, Update

Tutorials -section updated

Apr-26-2010    0 Comments

Tutorials -section has been updated.

This update changed tutorials -section base engine and therefore made editing and writing articles much easier than it was before. For now all tutorials have been moved to the new database and I'll update them more frequently. This also means that more articles and tutorials will be added shortly.

Posted by MiikaH at 18:11

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