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Effect system finished

Sep-05-2010    7 Comments

Frozen MancandyI just finished coding "paint effects" system. Now it finally works over UV-seams well enough.

Here is a short animation demonstrating spread effect on a 3D surface: Mancandy Freeze.

In that video, paint output is simply being used as a stencil mask for ice textures.

I'm also thinking about renaming this system to "Dynamic Paint", because now you don't only paint with mesh but with particles and other stuff as well.

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Mesh Paint Effects

Aug-08-2010    4 Comments

I've been working on some kind of effect system for Mesh Paint. Hardest part of it is to make it work along all those UV-islands mesh very likely has. Some simple effects are partly ready but they currently only work on planar mesh, so still about 3/4 of work to do.

Here are previews of two basic effects. First, spreading / expanding paint:

And dripping paint (Ya, I know it could look better. I'm working on it.):

And special thanks to everyone who donated to support my development! :)

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Category:Blender, Development
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