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Testing Blender indirect lightning

Dec-13-2010    5 Comments

I was testing how Blender 2.5x indirect lightning system works with textured emitters. At first it seemed like it doesn't work at all, especially with images, but apparently you just have to subdivide the mesh enough times to cover those emissive pixels.

So yeah, of course I ended up making a new test/demo of Dynamic Paint. In this one I used two high resolution canvases to cover all the geometry. For rendering I had to subdivide them to total ~1 million vertices to emit light properly.

I think the result is quite cool:

Posted by MiikaH at 15:01

Category:Blender, Development
Tags: Blender, Dynamic Paint, Particles, Light

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Dec-13-2010 18:31
Very beautiful..!
Pity you cant light directly from textures without the huge subD... :)
Dec-13-2010 21:58
Thanks so much for the idea and for blender dynamic paint
It's a pity that I am so nooby in Blender, since this effect would perfectly fit into a music video I intend to probably do.
If you want to collaborate (me music you some simple scenes) --> reply to that comment.
Dec-16-2010 16:14
i love it
Big Fan
Dec-20-2010 02:06
Very cool!
Lukas Treyer
Nov-23-2011 15:32
Can you post a short hint on how to use the "vertex" paint (dynamic paint) as a light emitting color? I can render with indirect light except for the paint color not emitting light. I'm using a 2011-11-22 trunk-build for mac.

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