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Displacement map painting

Aug-02-2010    8 Comments

Yet another way to use Mesh Paint: displacement maps. (Or bump maps too for that matter.)

Next I'm gonna clean up the code from useless test stuff and perhaps release a first test version. :)

For next features I'm planning to add some kind of animated "effects" like dripping and expanding.

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Mesh Paint progress update

Aug-01-2010    21 Comments

During the last week I added mesh paint properly to Blender source (my previous implementation was just a bunch of edited modifiers :p) and added user interface elements. I think that was one of the hardest parts of this whole project. Just browsing through Blender source trying to figure out how to add new modifiers, operator buttons etc. :)

I also did some optimizations and improvements on base code and added some new features.

Particle painting is now finished:

Then I added sub steps to allow solid results even with fast moving objects:

I'm soon about to finish displacement painting as well.

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Category:Blender, Development
Tags: Blender, Dynamic Paint, Particles, Update

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