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Blender smoke update: domain border collisions

Mar-17-2010    0 Comments

Domain Collision SettingsI just finished a new feature for Blender smoke simulator: a possibility to change how smoke collides with domain borders.

The old system let smoke go through top and bottom sides of the domain but not the "walls". That caused some problems when using strong horizontal wind.

Now it's also possible to make the smoke to not collide any side or to collide with every side of the domain.


Added a possibility to change "Initial Velocity" multiplier.

Updated code patch can be downloaded here: smoke_collision_patch2_rev29368.patch
I have also updated my Blender Builds to use this patch.

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Smoke patch is now in Blender SVN

Jan-25-2010    1 Comment

Blender 2.5 smoke testingMy smoke simulator patch is now in Blender SVN. (Rev 26250)

Most visible changes in that patch are better support for multicore processors (OpenMP), more simulator related textures and a possibility to pass emitter particle's velocity to the smoke.

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Smoke patch v3 released

Jan-15-2010    0 Comments

BlenderI just added a new version of smoke patch.

It's now possible to use smoke velocity as a texture and to change smoke cache compression method. (Light compression is recommended due to better performance.)

Precompiled builds
Patch file

Smoke patch changelogs: smoke_changes.txt

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Using smoke heat as a texture

Jan-03-2010    0 Comments

Multicolored smoke in BlenderI just finished a Blender patch that allows using smoke heat as a texture. This might be useful in several temperature dependant simulations and it also allows faking some kind of multicolored smoke.

Here's a test video of two smoke flows with different heat values being colored by the heat.

I'll update Blender builds -section and add a patch later today.

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Smoke Explosion

Nov-26-2009    0 Comments

A new Blender animation added to Videos section : Smoke Explosion.
Smoke Explosion

It is made using the new Blender 2.5 smoke simulator and some tricks with the material. ;p

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A New 3D Animation

Nov-10-2009    0 Comments

Some images of my new 3D test animation. It is sort of a test/demo of Blender 2.5 smoke simulator.

mhShackDestruction 1 mhShackDestruction 2 - Blender's smoke sim in action

Development of this animation is still going on so the final result may seem different than current images if gets finished at all.

Posted by MiikaH at 21:58

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