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Dynamic Paint Guide Finished

Nov-30-2010    5 Comments

Paint render exampleIt's been more than a month since I released the first part of my Dynamic Paint guide. Now the second part is finally here.

It took way too long and I'm still not quite happy with some parts of it. But I have been completely missing my motivation to touch it. This guide has been like 90% done for up to two weeks. x_X

This second and final part of the guide explains all paint object related settings and also includes some downloadable .blend files.

Here is a render from one of the samples: Wetmap textures for fluid simulations.

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Small site updates

Jul-24-2010    0 Comments

I have updated some parts of the site. Biggest change is ability to comment articles and tutorials.

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Blender fire tutorial is here

May-10-2010    0 Comments

Blender fireI have finished my fire tutorial for Blender 2.5. It took a bit longer than I thought but here it is. There is also a smoke tutorial coming soon.

Anyways, check it out here : Creating realistic fire in Blender 2.5

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Blender smoke + fire tutorial on the way

May-03-2010    0 Comments

There is two new tutorials coming soon: Introduction to Blender smoke simulator and making realistic fire in Blender.

Here is a short animation made from one of my fire tutorial sample *.blend files. Mancandy - the master of fire.

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Tutorials -section updated

Apr-26-2010    0 Comments

Tutorials -section has been updated.

This update changed tutorials -section base engine and therefore made editing and writing articles much easier than it was before. For now all tutorials have been moved to the new database and I'll update them more frequently. This also means that more articles and tutorials will be added shortly.

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Site updates + a guide for SUPER

Dec-04-2007    0 Comments

Mobile and Programs -sections have been updated with new programs.

Two new tutorials: Avi2DVD guide and SUPER guide.

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A new guide: Blender Basics

Nov-19-2007    0 Comments

The first tutorial Blender Basics is now ready.

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