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More SVN Log Updates

Mar-03-2012    3 Comments

I have added even more features to my Blender SVN pages.

Commit messages now display the authors full name instead of cryptic username, revisions in commit messages are now shown as links and there is a "changed paths" list on each revision page. Additionally some Statistics pages now have new file related charts. E.g. developer pages show most edited files and number of added, deleted and modified files.

Commit Logs are also available as RSS feeds in case you want to follow Blender commits more closely. You can subscribe All Commits, Trunk Commits or commits from a specific branch from any branches' statistics page.

Update: You can also use RSS feeds with "short-title" option (All Commits, Trunk Commits), this way revision title is printed as "r12345:" instead of "Revision 12345 (trunk/blender):". This can be useful if your reader has only limited screen space.

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MiikaHweb Updates

Feb-23-2012    1 Comment

MiikaHweb UpdatedI have been updating some parts of MiikaHweb in the past few days.

First of all: after gathering dust for nearly five years, the Mobile section is finally up to date again.

Basically it's a listing of mobile apps I have found useful. New section features all popular mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone, although Android is the main platform as I'm using it myself.

I also did some small improvements on Blender SVN statistics pages. I suppose most useful tweak are new Blender Tracker links on Commit Log pages. Now you can view the related bug report/patch simply by clicking the hash number on commit message (if any).

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MiikaHweb layout updated

Mar-24-2011    0 Comments

I just updated the site layout.

This new layout mainly introduces better navigation and improves overall look. It uses new CSS3 styles, so some older browsers may not display everything properly.

Please inform me if you experience any problems with this.

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Yet another bug in my blog comment system

Nov-12-2010    0 Comments

It looks like comment system was "disabled" for the couple of last blog entries I made. That bug is now fixed.

I have coded this whole website myself from scratch, so not everything works perfectly. But I just love web programming, so using an out-of-the-box blog system is out of the question. :)

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Mesh Paint Effects

Aug-08-2010    4 Comments

I've been working on some kind of effect system for Mesh Paint. Hardest part of it is to make it work along all those UV-islands mesh very likely has. Some simple effects are partly ready but they currently only work on planar mesh, so still about 3/4 of work to do.

Here are previews of two basic effects. First, spreading / expanding paint:

And dripping paint (Ya, I know it could look better. I'm working on it.):

And special thanks to everyone who donated to support my development! :)

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Mesh Paint test build available

Aug-04-2010    2 Comments

Mesh PaintI have updated my Blender Builds and GraphicAll build to use "Mesh Paint".

Basic usage is really simple, just set some objects as "Paint", one as "Canvas" and click bake. Hardest part is to generate UV-coordinates and load the output image sequence. -_-

That's why I made a quick step-by-step tutorial to get you started: Blender: Mesh Paint Basics.

This patch should be rather stable. (At least I haven't experienced crashes lately.) But when you encounter bugs or crashes please report them to me. And try to explain how to reproduce it. :)

UPDATE: A greatly improved version is now released. You can download a patch from my Blender Builds page.

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Displacement map painting

Aug-02-2010    4 Comments

Yet another way to use Mesh Paint: displacement maps. (Or bump maps too for that matter.)

Next I'm gonna clean up the code from useless test stuff and perhaps release a first test version. :)

For next features I'm planning to add some kind of animated "effects" like dripping and expanding.

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Mesh Paint progress update

Aug-01-2010    2 Comments

During the last week I added mesh paint properly to Blender source (my previous implementation was just a bunch of edited modifiers :p) and added user interface elements. I think that was one of the hardest parts of this whole project. Just browsing through Blender source trying to figure out how to add new modifiers, operator buttons etc. :)

I also did some optimizations and improvements on base code and added some new features.

Particle painting is now finished:

Then I added sub steps to allow solid results even with fast moving objects:

I'm soon about to finish displacement painting as well.

Posted by MiikaH at 10:56

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Blog comment system fixed

Jul-30-2010    1 Comment

Apparently my blog comment system had a bug that caused comment sending to fail in most cases. This has been fixed now.

If you encounter a bug on my site, please contact me through email. (Which can be found at the bottom of the page.)

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Smoke patch is now in trunk

Jul-27-2010    0 Comments

Blender SmokeMy smoke patch is now in Blender trunk! Just grab a build later than SVN r30809 and try it out.

Update includes my new smoke patch and some additions by Daniel Genrich, including GUI adjustments, automatic particle system when creating a smoke flow and adaptive timesteps to ensure stable simulation while having high velocity fluid.

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