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Name : BattleForge
Author : EA Phenomic
Released : 2009
Class : Free games
Game type : Real-time Strategy
License : Free2Play
Site : BattleForge
Operating System : Windows XP, Windows Vista
Review :StarStarStarDark StarDark Star 2.97
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System Requirements :
  • Windows XP/Vista
  • DVD-Drive (not needed if you purchase the game as a digital download)
  • Internet connection: 512 kb (DSL oder Cable)
  • CPU: 1,8GHz AMD64 or Intel Core (or comparable)
  • 512 MB (XP), 1 GB (Vista)
  • Graphics card with 128 MB, NVidia GeForce 6000-Series or better, ATI Radeon 9500 or better
  • Minimum 10 GB hard drive space for Installation
  • Display: minimum 1024x768
BattleForge is a free battle centered real-time strategy.

You can play it against computer (PvE: player vs. Environment) or against other players(PvP: player vs. player). Some of PvE maps are single-player, rest cooperative played by 2-12 players.

BattleForge uses Internet to save your games and player data. So you have to be online to play the game.

Every unit and building is represented as a card. There are multiple hundreds of cards and you can build a deck of 20 cards to play with. In game you can use a card when you have enough power and cards requirements are filled.

The cards are divided into four elements: ice, fire, nature and shadow. Each card requires an orb of one element. The 1st era cards require one orb, 4th era four orbs. A card can require for example one fire orb and two unspecified.

BattleForge is free but the cards do cost money. You will get 32 free cards, 8 of each element. More cards can be bought either from the card auction or buying a random deck of cards.

So you can play with the free cards but you'll miss a fun of planning and building your own deck.

BattleForge's payment policy is to "pay as much as you like". With 5€ you'll get into the game, but if you want to have some rare cards in your deck you have to pay more.

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