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Name : Resident Evil 5
Author : Capcom
Released : 2009
Class : Game Demos
Game type : Third-Person Shooter
Site : ResidentEvil
Operating System : Windows
Platforms :
Microsoft Xbox 360 Sony PS3
Review :StarStarStarDark StarDark Star 3.07
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Resident Evil 5 Benchmark is a performance test for Resident Evil 5 PC version.

The benchmark includes one scene from cinematics and three in-game scenes. It shows the current FPS all the time and the average in the end. So this is a performance test to see how well the game does perform on your PC. It doesn't have playable levels.

nVidia 3D vision is also supported so if you have the device you can benchmark the 3D mode as well.

I was positively surprised for the speed. Usually PC versions of console games are slow and ugly. Resident Evil 5 seems however to run constant 100 fps with graphics maxed.

Download demo:
(nVidia nZone)
Download demo:

External Download links:

nVidia nZone

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