Popular Games:
Angry Birds
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad) Nokia Symbian Windows PhoneAngry Birds
Game / Physics
Destroy evil pigs' fortresses by shooting angry birds with a giant slingshot on them.
Minecraft - Pocket Edition
A pocket version of the well known sandbox game Minecraft. Aside single player mode you can also invite your friends to your world.
Fruit Ninja
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad) Nokia Symbian Windows PhoneFruit Ninja
Game / Arcade
Slice the flying fruits in the air with a swipe of a finger. You get additional points by slicing multiple fruits in one swipe.
Great Little War Game
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad)Great Little War Game
Game / Strategy
Extremely addictive turn based strategy game. There is a variety of troops, vehicles, ships and aircraft available to destroy enemy's forces.
Angry Birds Rio
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad) Nokia SymbianAngry Birds Rio
Game / Physics
Angry Birds sequel based on the Rio animation. This time your goal is to free all captured birds.
Yoo Ninja!
AndroidYoo Ninja!
Game / Arcade
A fast and challenging game where you have to pass levels by flipping gravity direction.
Popular Applications:
Google Sky Map
AndroidGoogle Sky Map
Application / Education
Observe stars and other night sky objects by turning your phone like a virtual window.
Barcode Scanner
AndroidBarcode Scanner
Application / Office and Productivity
Scan QR and barcodes with your phone camera.
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad) Nokia Symbian Windows PhoneSoundHound
Application / Media and Players
Identify songs quickly by sound and find more information about the track or artist.
Opera Mobile
Android Nokia SymbianOpera Mobile
Application / Browser
An advanced Internet browser for mobile devices.
Application / Messaging
An advanced IRC client for Android devices.
MX Video Player
AndroidMX Video Player
Application / Media and Players
An alternative video player that supports all common file formats and subtitle types.
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