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Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad)AirAttack
Game / Arcade
A top down air shooter. Survive through waves of enemy units destroying as many of them as possible.
Angry Birds
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad) Nokia Symbian Windows PhoneAngry Birds
Game / Physics
Destroy evil pigs' fortresses by shooting angry birds with a giant slingshot on them.
Angry Birds Rio
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad) Nokia SymbianAngry Birds Rio
Game / Physics
Angry Birds sequel based on the Rio animation. This time your goal is to free all captured birds.
Angry Birds Seasons
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad) Nokia SymbianAngry Birds Seasons
Game / Physics
Angry Birds sequel with a collection of new levels based on real world holidays.
Anomaly Warzone Earth
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad)Anomaly Warzone Earth
Game / Strategy
Attack the enemy's defenses from a route of your choice using different vehicles and tanks. In addition you also have a variety of supportive powers to cast on your units.
Game / Physics Puzzle
Build complex machines and rigs to get the ball carried to the finish line.
Bubble Blast 2
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad) Windows PhoneBubble Blast 2
Game / Puzzle
Puzzle game in which you have to blast the bubbles by triggering a chain reaction. Some of the bubbles takes more hits to break.
Can Knockdown 2
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad)Can Knockdown 2
Game / Physics
A simple game of accuracy. Try to knock those can towers as efficiently as possible. In alternative game modes you can also aim at flying targets.
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad)Cordy
Game / Platformer
A simple platformer. Lead Cordy through different puzzles and try to find as many power cells as possible in the way.
Dead Space
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad)Dead Space
Game / Action
A mobile version of the Dead Space horror shooter.
Dragon, Fly!
AndroidDragon, Fly!
Game / Arcade
Fly the dragon pup as far as possible by sliding down the hills to plunging into the skies again.
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad) Nokia SymbianEDGE
Game / Platformer
Control your cube through surrealistic mazes without falling over the edge.
Flick Golf!
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad)Flick Golf!
Game / Sports
Hit golf balls by swiping the screen and fine-tune the flight path during the flight. Constantly increasing wind speed provides additional challenge.
Fruit Ninja
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad) Nokia Symbian Windows PhoneFruit Ninja
Game / Arcade
Slice the flying fruits in the air with a swipe of a finger. You get additional points by slicing multiple fruits in one swipe.
Great Little War Game
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad)Great Little War Game
Game / Strategy
Extremely addictive turn based strategy game. There is a variety of troops, vehicles, ships and aircraft available to destroy enemy's forces.
Minecraft - Pocket Edition
A pocket version of the well known sandbox game Minecraft. Aside single player mode you can also invite your friends to your world.
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad)Osmos
Game / Physics
An impressive physics based game. Absorb smaller organisms to grow the biggest, however, without getting eaten by already larger predators.
Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Seas
An addictive social role-playing game. Compete with other players by getting higher level, ship and more crew.
Reckless Getaway
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad)Reckless Getaway
Game / Racing
Steer your getaway car to safety while cops are trying to stop you by all their resources.
Reckless Racing
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad)Reckless Racing
Game / Racing
A visually impressive racing game where you can compete against other players or time.
Robo Defense
AndroidRobo Defense
Game / Strategy
Tower Defense game on the open maps. Place of the towers determines the path enemies can move.
Sonic 4 Episode I
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad) Windows PhoneSonic 4 Episode I
Game / Platformer
A sequel to classic Sonic games, it picks up right where Sonic 3 left off.
Space Physics
AndroidSpace Physics
Game / Physics
Move the ball to the goal by drawing free-form objects into the game world.
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad)Spirit
Game / Arcade
Plunge enemies into another dimension by quickly flying around them. This, of course, without hitting them.
Tank Riders
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad)Tank Riders
Game / Action
Toki Tori
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad)Toki Tori
Game / Platformer
A challenging puzzle game. Collect all the eggs from the level using a limited supply of widgets.
Tower Raiders 2
AndroidTower Raiders 2
Game / Strategy
A challenging tower defense game. Keep the raiders away from your valuable crystals by building a massive defensive grid.
World of Goo
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad)World of Goo
Game / Physics Puzzle
An innovative physics based puzzle where you have to build amazing structures to reach the goal.
Android Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad) Nokia SymbianWorms
Game / Strategy
The original Worms game ported to mobile devices.
Yoo Ninja!
AndroidYoo Ninja!
Game / Arcade
A fast and challenging game where you have to pass levels by flipping gravity direction.
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