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Program Info:

Name: Anim8or
Latest version: 0.97d Preview
Stable version: 0.95c
Author: R. Steven Glanvlle
Lisence: Freeware
OS: Windows 9x, Windows XP
Updated: Oct-05-2008
Homepage: Anim8or

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Name : Anim8or 0.95c
File :
File Size : 0.81 Mt

Download experimental 0.97d
Anim8or is an easy-to-use 3D-modeling software.

With Anim8or you can create and animate 3D-models and finally render a picture or an animation using them. The user-interface is very simple compared to most free 3D-software.

Models can be animated by moving the entire model or using bones. Material editor supports different textures for specular and bumpmapping.

Anim8or's rendering engine supports soft shadows and environment mapping to fake reflections. Anim8or uses a scanline based renderer so unfortunately "real" reflections or reflactions aren't possible. Program doesn't have a integrated post-processing system either.

Download the Software:

Download the Software

Change log :

The fourth v0.97 preview is called the v0.97d preview dated September 21, 2008. The major changes are (bug fixes first):

* #097-019 - ART AA renders are too bright - Fixed.
* #097-021 - Importing Object with Same Name can Crash - Fixed.
* #097-009 - #097-022 - Copying Modifiers without a Bound Shape Crashes - Fixed.
* Misc bugs: ASL constant PI was 3. It's no 3.141...
* Various "..." buttons didn't connect to controllers on the scene editor.
* Other minor fixes, small memory leaks patched, grid not always drawn, etc.
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mike kelly
Oct-09-2012 01:14
started out with this program a long time ago good to hear its making some advancements.then i discovered the mighty blender.

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