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Program Info:

Name: Fraps
Version: 3.5.99
Lisence: Shareware
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista
Updated: Mar-03-2013
Homepage: FRAPS
FRAPS is a tool to capture video from games/programs that use OpenGL or DirectX.

It captures the data directly from the graphics interface so it doesn't slow down the game that much. If you are using 3D system like nVidia 3D vision you can capture stereoscopic image too.

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Change log :

Fraps 3.5.9 - 30th August, 2012
- Fixed crash when initiating loop recording
- Fixed periodic stutter for some users during loop recording

Fraps 3.5.8 - 22nd August, 2012
- Fixed intermittent crash recording from OpenGL games
- Fixed crash when unable to access sound device
- Fixed minor memory leak with Win7/Vista sound recording
- Fixed crash encountered by some users when ending a recording

Fraps 3.5.7 - 14th August, 2012
- Fixed audio sync in long recordings for Windows XP users
- Fixed problem taking screenshots from DWM even with counter on screen
- Fixed 64-bit DirectX 11 games always being recorded in lossless RGB
- Fixed corruption in video when audio source set to 11.25kHz
- Other minor bug fixes

Fraps 3.5.6 - 21st July, 2012
- Fixed microphone drifting out of sync in long recordings under Windows 7 & Vista
- Fixed clipping with audio sources greater than 8 channels
- Fixed audio from mono USB devices only appearing in left channel
- Reduced latency of capture from external inputs

Fraps 3.5.5 - 12th June, 2012
- Fixed black borders captured around GameMaker based games
- Fixed crash in D3D10/11 video recording with 64-bit applications
- Fixed scrambled colors saved with some 10-bit color modes

Fraps 3.5.4 - 30th May, 2012
- Improved capture speed for D3D8 games
- Fixed Max Payne 1 not recording when AA enabled
- Fixed error when initializing DirectX on Windows 7

Fraps 3.5.3 - 27th May, 2012
- Fixed micro-stutter in recorded video after temporary framerate drop
- Fixed missing video frames in some games after rendering paused
- Fixed bug causing error message on startup for some users

Fraps 3.5.2 - 20th May 2012
- Fixed missing audio at end of long recordings
- Fixed error preventing movie playback in Windows Media Player
- Fixed screen freezing when starting video capture in Minecraft & other OpenGL games
- Fixed crash during video mode switch in DosBox

Fraps 3.5.1 - 18th May 2012
- Added support for exFAT drives writing larger than 4 Gigabytes
- Fixed crash when large custom resolutions used in game

Fraps 3.5.0 - 26th April 2012
- Support for large AVI movie files (above 4 Gigabytes) on NTFS drives
- Added option to split AVIs at 4 Gigabytes for legacy AVI 1.0 support
- Fixed loop recording using large amounts of disk space for short clips
- Fixed benchmark logs not being saved if game was quit before benchmark ended
- Fixed View folder not opening window on some machines
- NEW MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: CPU with SSE2 required (Pentium 4 & above)
- Windows 2000 is no longer supported (Windows XP & above)

Fraps 3.4.7 - 22nd October 2011
- Fixed recording rate being locked to a low multiple when Vsync enabled
- Fixed unlocked recording speed after temporary slowdowns
- Fixed Alt key interference with VMware/remote desktop applications

Fraps 3.4.6 - 31st July 2011
- Fixed overlay color in Fear 3
- Fixed detection of IL2: Cliffs of Dover and Bloodline Champions
- Fixed counter appearing in Thunderbird and Pale Moon applications
- Other minor bug fixes

Fraps 3.4.5 - 28th May 2011
- Fixed some videos being recorded with scrambled colors

Fraps 3.4.4 - 26th May 2011
- Increased performance capturing Vista/Windows 7 aero desktop (DWM)
- Reduced memory footprint of Fraps process
- Fixed Fraps crash while idling on desktop
- Fixed gem glowing while recording The Dark Mod
- Fixed hotkeys not responding when simulated from autohotkey/macro apps
- Fixed graphic corruption in some OpenGL titles

Fraps 3.4.3 - 12th May 2011
- Improved DirectDraw capture speed
- Fixed recording crash on single CPU systems
- Fixed invalid colors/crashing recording from 16-bit color games
- Fixed corrupt/oversized AVIs being written at high resolutions
- Fixed Dirt not loading with Fraps running
- Other minor bug fixes and optimizations
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(Comments or discussion about the software.)

Finnish jouman
Jul-09-2010 14:20
Pelien kuvaamiseen täysin omaa luokkaansa. Ehdottomasti 37$ hintansa arvoinen, mutta kokeile testiversiolla ennen maksua, että fraps toimii haluamiesi pelien kanssa.
Finnish joku vaan
Aug-31-2010 17:06
kuinka sitä ny sitte käytetää?

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