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Program Info:

Name: GPU-Z
Version: 0.6.9
Author: techPowerUp
Lisence: Freeware
OS: Windows
Updated: Mar-30-2013
Homepage: GPU-Z
GPU-Z shows a detailed information about your video card.

CPU-Z supports both nVidia and ATI cards and shows information like model, clocks and shader details. It shows sensor statistics of temperatures and fan speeds.

Download from program's website:

Download the Software

Change log :

Fixed GPU-Z window getting cut off on non-standard DPI settings
Fixed overclock calculation error on NVIDIA non-Kepler GPUs
Fixed GPU-Z not starting or crashing the machine on systems with broken HPET implementation
Fixed SLI not getting detected under Windows XP
Fixed garbled board name on some older Radeon cards
Fixed several memory leaks
L6788A voltage controller on HD 7750 and HD 7770 will now display correct default voltage
Added support for NVIDIA Tesla M2070

Added BIOS save and upload for NVIDIA Kepler GPUs
Fixed boost clock detection for NVIDIA Kepler
Fixed realtime memory clock monitoring for NVIDIA Kepler cards without Boost
Fixed boost clock readout showing for Kepler cards without Boost
Fixed clock, temperature readings and crashes on AMD Trinity
Fixed uninstaller icon not displaying properly
Additional fixes for window getting cut-off on some DPI settings
Added working ASIC quality readings for NVIDIA Kepler GPUs
Added support for Intel Haswell Graphics
Added support for AMD Radeon HD 7450A, HD 7730M, HD 7700M, FirePro M4000, W5000
Added support for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti, GT 635M, GT 620M, GeForce 610M, GT 620 (GF119), GT 640 (GF118), Quadro 7000, Quadro K2000M
Added release date for GeForce GTX 660 and GTX 650
Added die size for NV10, NV11, NV15, NV17, NV18, NV25, NV28, NV30, NV31, NV34, NV35, NV36, NV38, NV42, G70M, G71M, G73M
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