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Program Info:

Name: Picasa
Version: 3.9
Author: Google
Lisence: Freeware
OS: Windows Linux
Updated: Mar-30-2013
Homepage: Picasa
Picasa is a photo indexing and viewing application.

Picasa scans your hard drive for images and shows them as thumbnails arranged by folders and date. Then allows you to sort, classify, rename and edit images without having to care about their physical location on the hard drice. Pictures can be viewed as a slideshow or send to other people by email etc.

Picasa also has a automatic face recognition tool that you can teach to identify your friends and relatives. Then it can automatically name the familiar faces. Picasa also allows you to locate your pictures on map, to allow sorting and finding prictures by the place they were token at.

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Change log :

New features in Picasa 3.8:

Picasa 3.8 has made it easier to organize your photos without opening your browser. Apply Picnik’s photo-editing awesomeness to your photo and save it back to Picasa. Then make a Face Movie out of your portraits. In this new version, you'll also find an amped up properties panel and a new Batch upload option so you can upload your entire photo collection. Get started by downloading Picasa at

Face Movie
* You might be in charge of making a slideshow for a birthday party or wedding. Maybe you have only have two days and all you have is a bunch of group photos. Don’t panic. With the new Face Movie, you can quickly create a slideshow featuring that special someone, centered around that special someone, complete with transitions, music and captions. Watch a video demo of a Face Movie.

Batch Upload
* Manage and organize your photos -- We've improved the the upload feature so that you can upload multiple albums to Picasa Web Albums at the same time. You can also remove albums, change upload size, visibility, or the sync state of photos that are already online on Picasa Web Albums.

Edit in Picnik
* Apply Picnik magic to your photo by selecting Edit in Picnik from the Basic Effects tab. Picnik is an easy and powerful photo-editor that allows you to edit photos easily, share them and save them back to Picasa Web Albums, right in your browser.

Properties panel
* Picasa now supports XMP along with EXIF data. Image data is now available in the Properties panel along with places and tags. Use the information to see exactly which camera settings you used when you took the photo.
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Finnish pekka
May-12-2009 09:53
Loistava ohjelma! en ymmärrä miten pärjäsin ennen kuin löysin tämän
Finnish Heikki
Jan-19-2010 11:53
Nopea editointi kuville!Kuvat nopeasti sähköpostiin liitteeksi! Kuvat kätevästi omalle nettisivulle! Kuvien nopea järjestely eri kansioihin ym.
Google Chrome,Picasa,Gmail,kaikki toimii loistavasti ja nopeasti keskenään! Suosittelen kaikille!

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