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Program Info:

Name: SMPlayer
Version: 0.8.4
Lisence: Freeware
OS: Windows Linux
Updated: Mar-30-2013
Homepage: SMPlayer

Download from program's website
Name : SMPlayer 0.8.4
File : smplayer-0.8.4-win32.exe
SMPlayer is a fast and advanced media player.

SMPlayer supports every common media format to play, including AVI, MOV, MP4, MPG, MKV, OGG/OGM, FLV, RM/RMVB, SVF, VOB, WMV. The player also supports selectable subtitles, multiple audio tracks and realtime video filtering. It also has an option to slow down or speed up the playback.

The player remembers individual settings for every played file. So when playing the same file again you don't have to re-adjust subtitles, audio or video again.

Download the Software:

Download the Software

Change log :

Version 0.8.2:
* A skinnable interface has been added. Several skins are included.
* Support for 6.1 and 7.1 audio output.
* A "Privacy" section in the preferences dialog has been added. You can disable saving the recent files or URLs.
* The main window can be moved by dragging the video area.
* Fix for a freeze that may happen on Windows XP.
(Windows) The font cache is created before showing the GUI.

Version 0.8.1:
* Fix youtube playback.
* Fix: mplayer2 was not recognized if the name was in lowercase in the identification string.
* Show the background picture on stop.
* Youtube: don't use a user agent by default. It's possible to set the user agent in smplayer.ini though.
* Add mka and m4a to the list of extensions (for audio).
* New option "save_dirs" in the [directories] section. If set to false the latest used directory won't be saved.
* Add wtv to the list of extensions
* Add oga and ogx to the list of extensions
* Enable Audio CD on Windows (requires a libcdio enabled MPlayer)

Version 0.8.0:
A toolbar editor has been added. Now it's possible to select the buttons and controls that want to appear in the toolbars.
New video filters: gradfun, blur and sharpen.
Now it's possible to change the GUI (default, mini, mpc) at runtime, no restart required.
sub files from opensubtitles should work again.
(Youtube) Recognize short urls (like this one:
Better support for chapters in video files.
Bug fix: remote m3u files work from the favorites menu or command line.
Internal changes in the single instance option (switch to QtSingleApplication).

This version includes some bug fixes, some of them important. It's highly recommended to update.
SMPlayer took more than 10 seconds to show when running for the very first time.
The links to download subtitles from Opensubtitles were wrong.
SMPlayer crashed in the favorite editor when trying to select a file if the KDE open dialog was used.
Some translations were missing in the Windows package.
By default the screenshots are saved in the user's pictures folder instead of the SMPlayer's config folder.
Now it's possible to change the opensubtitles server.
Youtube: seeking is slow with flv videos, so now flv videos have the lowest priority.
Youtube: now it's possible to search and download videos from youtube. This is provided by an external application (in linux you have to install an independent package: smtube).

New favorite menu, where you can add your favorite videos, music, streams, youtube videos... It's also possible to add submenus.
Support for youtube. Now you can open urls like using the Open -> URL dialog or dragging a link from a browser to the smplayer window.
Support for mplayer2 ( It's a fork of mplayer with interesting features like precise seeking, ordered chapters in mkv videos and better pause handling (e.g. seek works while the video is paused).
New translation: croatian.

Version 0.6.10:
* New vdpau configuration dialog, which allow to select the vdpau codecs to use.
* Port for eCS, OS/2 (by Silvan Scherrer).
* New menu to select the closed caption channel (requires mplayer >= r32607).
* Possibility to select the seeking method (absolute or relative).
* Possibility to sort the items of the playlist.
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