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Program Info:

Name: The FilmMachine
Version: 1.6.3
Lisence: Freeware
OS: Windows
Updated: Jan-10-2011
Homepage: The FilmMachine
The FilmMachine is a simple tool to create a VideoDVDs.

FilmMachine can convert any .avi or . mov file into a DVD. It lets you configure detailed video and audio settings and it is possible to add burnt-in or selectable subtitles.

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Change log :

1.6.3 :
- Updated DVDAuthor and Spumux to version 0.7.0 which also solves problems with cygwin.
- Now using the color and outline subtitle features of the new Spumux version 0.7.0.
- Fixed a few other bugs.

1.6.2 :
- Updated DVDAuthor and Spumux to version 0.6.18 which also solves problems on Windows 7.
- Updated HC Encoder to version 0.25.

1.6.1 :
- Implemented support for Surcode DVD DTS encoder version 1.0.29.
- Implemented support for 1x, 2x and 2,4x burning of DVD’s to be compatible with most dvd-players.
- Implemented the “Luminance Gain� feature for HCEncoder.
- Implemented the “Close All Gops� feature for HCEncoder.
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