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Voodoo Camera Tracker 1.1.0 Beta


Program Info:

Name: Voodoo Camera Tracker
Version: 1.1.0 Beta
Lisence: Freeware
OS: Windows Linux
Updated: Oct-02-2010
Homepage: Homepage

Download from program's website
Name : Voodoo Camera Tracker 1.1.0 Beta
File : voodoo-Win32-1.1.0.msi
File Size : 40.44 Mt
Voodoo Camera Tracker one of the best free "camera tracking" (camera matching) programs.

It requires a video file or an image sequence and the camera's aspect ratio. With that data it calculates the camera's motion track. It can be used in multiple 3D-softwares.

Voodoo tracker works well enough to produce stable results if the video has enough edges and sharp details to track. It is recommended hold camera still and only rotate the camera. Then set Voodoo Tracker to calculate only panning- and zooming of the camera.

The result can be saved in multiple formats, like as a script that converts the camera motion directly to a Blender camera. Latest version also supports Blender 2.5x.

Download the Software:

Download the Software

Change log :

Latest changes (1.1.0)

* Fixed two major memory leaks in the KLT tracker and FreeMove solver
* Due to several requests, we provide preliminary support for Blender 2.5.x (We tested the export for Blender 2.5.3 beta. However, Blender's python API is currently subject to changes, which eventually could cause incompatibility for version higher than 2.5.3 beta)

Latest changes (1.0.1)
* Dupport of Targa 2.0 (.tga), Portable Network Graphics (.png), and JPEG (*.jpg) image formats
* SIFT wide-baseline matching enabled
* minor bug fixes

Latest changes (1.9.5)

* slightly improved GUI
* different default parameters
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