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Program Info:

Name: WinZip
Version: 17.0
Lisence: Trial
OS: Windows
Updated: Mar-03-2013
Homepage: WinZip
WinZip is a tool to manage compressed files.

WinZip can create *.zip format files and decompress *.zip, *.rar and *.bz2 -files. It also supports for example directly burning files to CD/DVD, FTP-exports and integrated managing of email *.zip files.

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Change log :

WinZip 16.5 introduced:
* ultra-fast zip engine that taps into your computer’s full processing power
* next-generation technology that harnesses the power of AMD graphics processors (GPUs)
* streamlined interface with a more attractive, intuitive look-and-feel

WinZip 16.0 introduced:
* powerful 64-bit zip engine upgrade for maximum zipping speed
* seamless integration with WinZip's breakthrough large file sending service, ZipSend.
* the ability to send very large Zip files (up to 2GB) using ZipSend
* instant access to WinZip's NEW Facebook app, ZipShare
* the ability to zip and post any type of file (up to 20MB) to Facebook using ZipShare
* the ability to zip and write files to Blu-ray Disc directly from the WinZip window
* the ability to convert other major compression file formats to Zip format
* extended preview functionality for other major compression file formats
* the ability to scan and diagnose PC performance issues using WinZip's built-in System Scanner tool
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