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Program Info:

Name: X-Chat
Version: 2.8.8
Lisence: Open Source
OS: Windows Linux
Updated: May-07-2012
Homepage: X-Chat

Download from program's website
Name : X-Chat 2.8.8
File : XChat-WDK 1506 x86.exe
File Size : 8.98 Mt
X-Chat is an open source IRC client.

It has support for: most character encoding formats like UTF-8, connecting multiple simultaneous IRC-networks, secure connections, CTCP, DCC -data transfer, configurable GUI and a plugin -system supporting programming languages like C, C++, Perl, Python, Ruby , CLISP and lua. X-Chat has also most of the IRC-commands included in the GUI menus so you don't have to know them to use IRC.

X-Chat is an open source project but a fee is required for an official Windows build. However, the Windows version can be still used for free by either compiling the source code or using someone else's build.

You can download a free up-to-date Windows build from XChat-WDK.

Download the Software:

Download the Software

Change log :

News for 2.8.7f (16/Aug/2009)

* Fixed a stability issue in the color text entry gadget.
* Improved the speed of reloading the scrollback logs from disk.
* Updated or added default server lists for: MintIRC, Rizon, Ustream, Xentonix.

News for 2.8.7e (18/Jan/2009)

* Fixed a rare Auto-Nick-Completion (non-TAB key) crash.
* Fixed a possible crash if you clicked "Add to favourites" in the main text area, while the server-list window was open in the background.
* The setting added in the previous version: "/set -or gui_tweaks 64 will now turn OFF user list icons" will now properly remove the prefix character from the right-click menu.
* Added -on and -off parameters to the /SET command. This can be used to set bits, for example gui_tweaks.
* /set -or gui_tweaks 128 will now turn OFF the text attribute button.

News for 2.8.7d (30/Dec/2008)

* Fixed logging in to QuakeNet using the "Nickserv password" box.
* Fixed adding a channel with "Add to Favorites" sometimes not saving to disk.
* /set -or gui_tweaks 64 will now turn OFF user list icons.

News for 2.8.7c (14/Jun/2008)

* Worked around Internet Explorer not escaping URLs passed on the command line.
* Fixed a rare crash bug.

News for 2.8.7b (07/Jun/2008)

* Fixed a crash if you selected multiple people in the user-list, while the friends-list was non-empty.
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