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2 hours 11 min ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.81-release'
2 hours 12 min ago
Cleanup: define PY_SSIZE_T_CLEAN for Python

Silence deprecation warnings running with Python 3.8.
3 hours 7 min ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.81-release'
3 hours 26 min ago
Cleanup: warnings building with Python 3.8
3 hours 54 min ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.81-release'
3 hours 57 min ago
Fix incorrect limit check in button drawing

Regression in d617466d87863d75a
4 hours 0 min ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.81-release'
4 hours 3 min ago
RNA: region_to_view took int's instead of floats

Internally the function uses float's, RNA exposed args as int's.

Python3.8 warns about int/float conversion in toolbar drawing code.
4 hours 28 min ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.81-release'
4 hours 31 min ago
Fix for building with Python 3.8
13 hours 8 min ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.81-release'
13 hours 11 min ago
Fix T70386: Crash when snapping to edges in specific situations

The callbacks get elements through indexes,
so make sure they're not "dirty".
15 hours 33 min ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.81-release'
15 hours 39 min ago
Fix T70605: incorrect darken and lighten rgb mix mode

Differential Revision:

Reviewers: brecht, fclem
16 hours 2 min ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.81-release'
16 hours 2 min ago
Fix T70771: Texture nodes in Compositor causes infinite update
17 hours 15 min ago
Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/blender-v2.81-release'

Silly merge just to test new server-side git hook.
17 hours 16 min ago
Fix GPL block in CMake file

(using this to test the new server-side git hook)
17 hours 28 min ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.81-release'
17 hours 52 min ago
Fix T70838: crash on cycles render after recent fix

My bad for not figuring out how to run our unittests since I got back to
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