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39 minutes ago
Fix: Add cast to atof for CYCLES_CONCURRENT_STATES_FACTOR env variable parsing.

The conversion from double to float was causing a build failure.

Differential Revision:
Revision 704d077 by Hans Goudey
1 hour 25 min ago
Fix: Crash when retrieving output "id" attribute

The attribute provider needs to handle the case where the data is stored
with just a data type, and the case where it is stored with a name.
1 hour 37 min ago
Fix missing null-terminator in BLI_string_join_arrayN

Although the documentation says so, the null-terminator was missing.
This could cause crashes when logging shader linking errors as shader
sources are empty in this case.
2 hours 39 min ago
UI: Remove extra padding on Annotate tool settings

For some reason the Annotate tool has an extra padding when compared to
other tools. This makes the UI to flicker a bit (specially with D12939

Differential Revision:
2 hours 52 min ago
Geometry Nodes: Add warnings for instances input in two nodes

Certain geometry nodes don't work properly on inputs that contain
instances, but don't display any warning that they aren't working.

The nodes now will display a warning that explains the situtation
iff the input contains any instances.

Differential Revision:
3 hours 25 min ago
Cleanup: remove unused code
3 hours 33 min ago
New test for USD import.

Added a basic test for importing a primitive hierarchy from a USDA
file into Blender. This was reviewed by Sybren in patch D12479.
Revision 40c3b88 by Hans Goudey
3 hours 46 min ago
Geometry Nodes: Make Random ID a builtin attribute, remove sockets

In order to address feedback that the "Stable ID" was not easy enough
to use, remove the "Stable ID" output from the distribution node and
the input from the instance on points node. Instead, the nodes write
or read a builtin named attribute called `id`. In the future we may
add more attributes like `edge_id` and `face_id`.

The downside is that more behavior is invisible, which is les
expected now that most attributes are passed around with node links.
This behavior will have to be explained in the manual.

The random value node's "ID" input that had an implicit index input
is converted to a special implicit input that uses the `id` attribute
if possible, but otherwise defaults to the index. There is no way to
tell in the UI which it uses, except by knowing that rule and checking
in the spreadsheet for the id attribute.

Because it isn't always possible to create stable randomness, this
attribute does not always exist, and it will be possible to remove it
when we have the attribute remove node back, to improve performance.

Differential Revision:
3 hours 50 min ago
Cycles: reduce kernel reserved local memory when not using shader raytracing

Ref T87836
3 hours 50 min ago
Cycles: make ambient occlusion pass take into account transparency again

Taking advantage of the new decoupled main and shadow paths. For CPU we
just store two nested structs in the integrator state, one for direct light
shadows and one for AO. For the GPU we restrict the number of shade surface
states to be executed based on available space in the shadow paths queue.

This also helps improve performance in benchmark scenes with an AO pass,
since it is no longer needed to use the shader raytracing kernel there,
which has worse performance.

Differential Revision:
3 hours 50 min ago
Cleanup: some renaming to better distinguish main and shadow paths
3 hours 50 min ago
Cycles: more accurately count main paths for adding work tiles

Easy now thanks to the main and shadow path decoupling. Doesn't help
in an benchmark scene except Spring, where it reduces render time by
maybe 2-3%.

Ref T87836
3 hours 50 min ago
Fix T92367: missing Subsurface Anisotropy and IOR sockets with factory startup
3 hours 55 min ago
Geometry Nodes: Add Checker Texture

Port checker shader to GN

Reviewed By: JacquesLucke

Differential Revision:
Revision 334a8d9 by Hans Goudey
4 hours 15 min ago
Geometry Nodes: Fields version of Curve to Points node

This commit adds an updated version of the curve to points that
supports fields. Only the position and radius are transferred
by default now, which should improve performance. The other outputs
like tangent and rotation are outputted with anonymous attributes.

I took the opportunity to change a few other small things:

- Name geometry sockets "Curve" and "Points" like other nodes.
- Remove the radius multiple of 0.1, which was confusing.

Thanks to @Johnny Matthews (guitargeek) for an initial patch.

Differential Revision:
4 hours 19 min ago
Fix T89771: Cloth disk cache is not read on library overrides when original linked data is already set to use 'Disk Cache'

Yet another try at that hairy issue... See comment in commit for
details, essentially this extend the workaround introduced in Objects'
`lib_override_apply_post` callback to try to also properly 're-use'
`OUTDATED` and `BAKED` flags from old source liboverride into new
destination one.
Revision 990b912 by Hans Goudey
4 hours 43 min ago
Cleanup: Add check whether to remove an anonymous atttribute

Add a higher level check that can be used instead of checking whether
the attribute ID is anonymous and checking whether it has any strong
Revision 494c3fb by Julian Eisel
5 hours 7 min ago
Fix T92368: LMB mouse events (Selecting, doubleclicks etc) are broken
6 hours 18 min ago
Fix T92347: Append function excludes Collections that do not contain Objects directly.

Collections directly selected by the user should always be

Regression from recent append code refactor.
6 hours 37 min ago
Cleanup: silence Warnings

Warning C4100 unreferenced formal parameter
Warning C4242 conversion from 'int' to 'short', possible loss of data
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