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Revision 3cbc5dd by Campbell Barton
1 hour 34 min ago
Object: check for negative index access with duplicator reading UV's
2 hours 12 min ago
Cleanup: comments, spelling
Revision b2782f7 by Hans Goudey
4 hours 42 min ago
Fix warning building without potrace

The library is no longer in extern, so it isn't necessary to include it
Revision 4e667ec by Hans Goudey
7 hours 9 min ago
UI: Add curve geometry start and end panel

The placement of the start and end factor and mapping settings for
curves has been quite misleading for a long time. They were in the
"Bevel" subpanel, but they aren't related to bevel because they affect
curves with only extrusion and no bevel.

This commit moves these properties to their own subpanel, labeled
"Start & End Mapping".

Differential Revision:
11 hours 59 min ago
Weld Modifier: Performance improvement

This commit contains the Performance improvement, that was originally
proposed in D8966.

It improves the performance of the Weld Modifier by a lot.

It had a loop with execution time O(N^2) which is now O(N*log(N)) at a
bare maximum.
Revision 6a9e9be by Hans Goudey
13 hours 7 min ago
Cleanup: Reduce indentation by returning early

Checking for NULL icons or draw info can remove some indentation later
in the funcitons, making the code more readable.
13 hours 25 min ago
GPencil: New Trace images using Potrace

This patch adds a new operator to convert a black and white image into
grease pencil strokes.

If the image is not B/W, an internal conversion is done.

This is the first operator using Potrace, but we expect to add more features in next Blender versions.

Reviewed By: HooglyBoogly

Maniphest Tasks: T79877

Differential Revision:
Revision d93db4f by Hans Goudey
14 hours 14 min ago
Cleanup: Declare variables where initialized
17 hours 19 min ago
Fix T80899: Crash on editing multiple UVs of multiple different objects at the same time

The issue was two fold.

First something sets the loop element tag and doesn't clear it before
the UV code in question tries to use the tags. Added a sanity clear to
make sure that it operates on a clean tag state.

The next one was that the UV maps in question had quite a few points
that had zero length UV loop edges. This would lead to division by

Reviewed By: Jeroen Bakker, Brecht

Differential Revision:
18 hours 10 min ago
Various fixes in UI messages.

Along some other typos in comments or variable names.
Revision a34e7c3 by Julian Eisel
18 hours 26 min ago
Cleanup (UI): Early-exit rather than having a big-ish conditional body

It's generally considered a better codestyle to check conditions early
and exit early when they are not met, over having most logic of a
function within a big `if`-block. Otherwise people have to go over the
entire block to see if there's possibly an `else` somewhere, or any
followup logic.
Revision 7883ccd by Julian Eisel
18 hours 27 min ago
Fix T80854: Search buttons fail in Adjust Last Operation Panel

There's the old and ugly hack where the `uiBut.poin` points to the
button itself. When reallocating the button we have to update that
pointer of course.
18 hours 45 min ago
Cleanup: move some paint helpers to ED_ 'namespace'.

Those two functions had `BKE_` prefix, were defined in BKE headers, but
implemented in ED code, yuck.

Moved everything to ED area for now, since those do not look fondamental
enough to belong to BKE, and none of their usages requires it currently.
19 hours 4 min ago
Fix T79373: Forbid painting on linked image from 3DView.

As noted by @lichtwerk (thanks), one can have a local object and/or
material using a linked image data-block, this case needs some different
handling to prevent painting on such linked image.

For now, tweak `BKE_paint_proj_mesh_data_check` (eeeek, that name
prefix!) to consider paintslots with linked image as 'non-existing'.
Revision 1547522 by Bastien Montagne
19 hours 34 min ago
Add missing new liboverride option to py-defined collections props doc.
Revision 92454ae by Julian Eisel
20 hours 13 min ago
Fix assert failure when using Ctrl+Mousewheel on Object Mode button

Do a proper check to see if the button supports Ctrl+Mousewheel cycling.

See T80659.
Revision 88a9d82 by Julian Eisel
20 hours 13 min ago
Cleanup: Remove weird assert in button handling

The function this was in already checks the conditions under which it
can operate (as it should). No need to force the caller to do these
(quite specific) checks, the function can just do nothing if the button
doesn't need these operations.
Otherwise we'd have to always execute these checks before calling, which
makes calling it a hassle, makes the code harder to follow and generally
harder to maintain (what if the conditions change?).
Revision b3c6ab5 by Ankit Meel
20 hours 20 min ago
Fix datatoc_icon linker errors with ASan enabled.

Error introduced in {rBf9fcb25d521d}.

Reviewed By: brecht

Differential Revision:
20 hours 35 min ago
Make deps: Enable fPIC for Linux

Similar to D8823.
21 hours 3 min ago
Implement ID properties support for TimeMarker

Allows scripters to store additional information in the marker itself instead
of using work-around approach based on marker names and such.

Differential Revision:
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