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5 hours 52 min ago
cmake: enable Wayland by default
5 hours 52 min ago
GHOST/wayland: use Wayland only when 'BLENDER_WAYLAND' is set
5 hours 52 min ago
GHOST/wayland: explicitly delete 'GHOST_SystemWayland' when fallback to X11
Revision 05c7d93 by Peter Kim
7 hours 6 min ago
Cleanup: fix warning -Wparentheses
16 hours 36 min ago
UI: Do not abbreviate/shorten wording

Abbreviations are harder to read and understand thus it is best to be direct.
For example without understanding and context it is hard to know exactly what "Len" means.
18 hours 32 min ago
GTest: Use INC/INC_SYS for Libmv/OSD tests

This change transitions libmv/osd tests to our
blender_add_test_executable macro that explicitly
takes the include directories as a parameter.

This is in preparation for future clean-up of
global include directories.

Differential Revision:
Reviewed By: sergey
19 hours 22 min ago
Revert "VSE UX: Make Speed Effect strips more user friendly."

This reverts commit 3123f33380b35ae93afee0a30f36bc7181927b28 and
19 hours 29 min ago
Weld Modifier: add "loose_edges" option

This improve the cloth modeling workflow by allowing you to weld only the
edges that are used for the sewing forces.

Reviewed By: mano-wii, weasel

Differential Revision:
19 hours 35 min ago
VSE UX: Make Speed Effect strips more user friendly.

**Drawing Changes:**
- F-curve drawing for Stretch, Multiply, Length and Frame Number.
- Value drawing when no keyframes for Stretch, Length and Frame Numbers.

General view of the new drawing for each speed effect mode:
{F9796642, size=full}

Detail of the horizontal zero (blue) line in the new `Multiply` mode:
{F9798520, size=full}

Nice to have (but I don't know how):
- Auto adjusting of endframe when using Multiply or Boost.

Differential Revision:
19 hours 35 min ago
Many tweaks to f-curve drawing code
20 hours 32 min ago
PyDocs: Fix syntax errors resulting in warnings
Revision c41b93b by Peter Kim
1 day and 2 hours ago
XR: Fix for Viewport Denoising Artifacts

Addresses T76003. When using VR with Eevee and viewport denoising,
scene geometry could sometimes be occluded for one eye. Solution is
to use a separate GPUViewport/GPUOffscreen for each VR view instead
of reusing a single one for rendering.

Reviewed By: Julian Eisel, Clment Foucault

Differential Revision:
1 day and 3 hours ago
Fix T89393: crash when selecting edges when geometry nodes has "on cage" turned on

The core problem is that the geometry nodes modifier sometimes support
"mapping" (i.e. it remembers which new vertices correspond to edit mode
vertices) and sometimes it does not, depending on what the nodes are doing.
Also see rB07ce9910f7cc.

The solution here is that the fallback case in `BKE_mesh_foreach_mapped_edge`
does not call the callback with "invalid" indices.

Differential Revision:
1 day and 3 hours ago
Fix T90065: disable attribute search in places where there is too little context

Differential Revision:
1 day and 3 hours ago
Fix: avoid creating improper rotation matrix

This might change the rotation of some instances after a Curve to Points.
Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about that, the math before
was just wrong. The forward and up axis stayed the same though.

Differential Revision:
1 day and 3 hours ago
Fix T89829: wrong active context path check in spreadsheet

The problem was that the modifier was reevaluated all the time, even
between showing the attribute search and clicking on the attribute
name. This freed the data referenced by attribute search. The real bug
here was that the dependency graph was tagged for update even
though nothing changed. This was because the spreadsheet thought
its active context has changed and it wanted to compute the new
value to be shown in the spreadsheet.

The reason for the bug was that I confused how the tree-path of a
node editor works. The second element in the tree path contains
the name of the group node in the root tree that we're in (instead
of the first element).

Differential Revision:
1 day and 4 hours ago
Another slight increase in speed for Delaunay CDT.

When the new "need_ids" flag is false and the output type is not
one of the valid BMesh kinds, there is no need to propagate even
a dummy id to all of the faces.
1 day and 10 hours ago
Cleanup: double spaces in strings
1 day and 10 hours ago
Cleanup: code comments punctuation / spacing
1 day and 10 hours ago
Cleanup: de-duplicate code for edge-split tagging

Share functionality for single and multi-threaded edge-split tagging.

Remove logic that ensured vert & loop indices in bm_mesh_edges_sharp_tag
(missing from fd9fc809b76d625a1ead6e1fbe5e486cc012f5f3).
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