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34 minutes ago
UI: use "Save As" when saving un-saved image/text files

Now the behaviors are consistent for blend, image and text files:

- If the file is not writable, will report it.
- If the file is new (without a path), save as will be used.
- If the file was deleted, will try to recreate it.

Ref D6755
1 hour 25 min ago
Libmv: Fix clang inconsistent-missing-override warnings.

Reviewed By: sergey, ankitm

Differential Revision:
1 hour 40 min ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.91-release'
1 hour 41 min ago
RNA properties subtypes enum: sync definitions everywhere

Some subtypes never made it to all neccessary places when they were
introduced. This was throwing warnings when accessing such a properties
subtype from python.

The sub_type enums were also defined in 4 different places:
- RNA_types.h 'PropertySubType'
- rna_rna.c 'rna_enum_property_subtype_items'
- rna_rna.c 'subtype_items'
- bpy_props.c as multiple enums

This patch syncs the definitions across all places so that they are the
same everywhere. It also looks redundant to define these twice in
rna_rna.c, now just use 'rna_enum_property_subtype_items' there (and get
rid off 'subtype_items').

Also moved 'POWER' & 'TEMPERATURE' to number enum in bpy_props (these
were defined in the array enum).

Fixes T82167.

Maniphest Tasks: T82167

Differential Revision:
1 hour 58 min ago
Fix T82188: Sculpt Grab Silhouette and symmetry fails

Wasnt checking the symmetrized 'grab_delta_symmetry' so result could
flip around.

Maniphest Tasks: T82188

Differential Revision:
2 hours 0 min ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.91-release'
2 hours 4 min ago
CustomData color copying: use interpolated alpha

The alpha of the first layer was always used
here since introduction in rBee4453f08369 and was not updated when
customdata support for alpha was added.

Now also use the interpolated alpha.

thx @brecht noticing!

ref T81914

Reviewers: brecht, mont29

Maniphest Tasks: T81914

Differential Revision:
2 hours 18 min ago
Fix blend_color_interpolate_byte returning wrong alpha in certain case

When the combined alpha [the 'tmp' variable having the mixfactor applied
already] - reached zero it was handled like a no-op (for the alpha as
well) and just copied the first color.

So e.g mixing 255/255/255/255 with 0/0/0/0 with a factor of 1.0 gave
alpha of 255, which looks wrong.

cases where tmp gets zero:
src1 alpha:0 src2 alpha:whatever mixfactor 0.0
src1 alpha:whatever src2 alpha:0 mixfactor 1.0
src1 alpha:0 src2 alpha:0 mixfactor whatever

Now set alpha to zero in that case.

ref T81914

Maniphest Tasks: T81914

Differential Revision:
8 hours 29 min ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.91-release'
8 hours 59 min ago
Fix 3D smooth-view ignoring lens when exiting camera view

Add NULL checks for `sview->ofs`, while it's currently never NULL
when a camera is set. The API allows for each member
to be set independently.
10 hours 16 min ago
Merge branch 'blender-v2.91-release'
10 hours 22 min ago
PyAPI: point sys.executable to the Python binary

`sys.executable` is documented to be a Python interpreter or None.

This was set to Blender's executable which caused the multiprocessing
module to spawn new instances of Blender instead of Python on WIN32.
See issue described in D7815.

Deprecate '' & warn when using.

Blender's executable remains accessible via ``.

Modified 04c5471ceefb4, setting `sys.executable` instead of using
Py_SetProgramName, which is needed for a bundled Python installation.
11 hours 5 min ago
Fix for T65714: Pinch Zooming Crash using Mac Trackpad

Ensure that Zoom does not crash on Mac Trackpad by checking for existence of Continuous Zoom timer.

Differential Revision:

Reviewed by Julian Eisel
11 hours 22 min ago
UI: Improvements to Close File Dialog

Improved alignment of items on the File Close Dialog.

Differential Revision:

Reviewed by Hans Goudey
11 hours 43 min ago
UI: Improved alignment of labels and buttons

Improved alignment of labels with other buttons.

Differential Revision:

Reviewed by Julian Eisel
15 hours 29 min ago
Mesh: Fix BKE_mesh_translate changes referenced layer

This is the same fix that is implemented in rB3791dbea1e79.
16 hours 39 min ago
Animation: Improve labels on Snap menu in NLA & Dopesheet

Add "Selection to" as prefix for those menu items that move the selected
keyframes to something, for both the Key ? Snap menu and the Shift+S pie

No functional changes.

This was missed in rB477d983c2e8ab298cbf638d5aadd77fad9c2f677

Differential Revision:
16 hours 51 min ago
Outliner: Properties editor sync on selection

When outliner datablocks are selected, switch to the corresponding tab
for that datablock in properties editors. Only properties editors
that share an edge with the outliner will change tabs.

Additionally, when modifiers, constraints, and shader effects are
selected from the outliner, the panel will be expanded in all properties

Part of T77408

Manifest Task:

Differential Revision:
17 hours 24 min ago
UI: Improved Checkbox Width Calculation

Improved calculation of checkbox width to include line width preference.

Differential Revision:

Reviewed by Hans Goudey
17 hours 34 min ago
UI: Misc Label and Description Changes

Various changes to some labels and descriptions to be more accurate, clear, or less confusing.

Differential Revision:

Reviewed by Hans Goudey
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