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3 hours 41 min ago
3D View: Support edit-mesh clipping (only verts)

We'll need to replace built-in shaders to add support for clipping.
4 hours 12 min ago
Fix T60112: Smooth crashes w/ multiple views
6 hours 36 min ago
Fix T60643: BMesh operator enum args fail when unset from Python

Error introduced with bmesh operator enum support: 1e6a5eb087911
7 hours 13 min ago
Cleanup: minor changes to reduce code duplication

D4236 by @sobakasu w/ edits.
7 hours 53 min ago
Cleanup: de-duplicate font loading code

Part of D4236 by @sobakasu
8 hours 55 min ago
Cleanp: use single global for draw manager

Add 'G_draw' for all draw manager globals,
avoids adding extern to each file.

Connection between `ts` and `globals_ubo` wasn't obvious,
now called `G_draw.block` & `G_draw.block_ubo`.
8 hours 55 min ago
Cleanup: use const args
9 hours 40 min ago
Fix error in last commit
9 hours 55 min ago
Cleanup: use DRW_shader_create_from_arrays

Avoids messy conditional defines and inline lib allocation.
10 hours 26 min ago
DRW: Add DRW_shader_create_from_arrays utility

While verbose, this is a more flexible way to construct shaders.

Libs & defines can be optionally included for each shader type
which was previously done with inline string creation.
12 hours 33 min ago
Cleanup: remove redundant '_sh' suffix, add '_shgrp'
12 hours 38 min ago
Cleanup: rename shader containers

These only contain shaders, so name Shaders instead of ShaderData.
16 hours 34 min ago
GP: Cleanup previous commit
16 hours 36 min ago
Fix T60714: Avoid creation of nested objects

In grease pencil is not logic add an object inside other object in edit mode. The object must be created only in Object mode.
17 hours 26 min ago
GP: Fix memory leaks when use cutter with weights

There were some issues when copy the weights and other memory leaks.

Also some code cleanup.
17 hours 38 min ago
Fix keymap preferences UI layout issues for modifier keys.
18 hours 55 min ago
Fix T60683, T60662: Cycles render crash in edit mode for certain meshes.
19 hours 43 min ago
DRW: Fix corner indices order in clipping plane setup

Fix T60667: Eevee: reflection plane bug in rendered view.
21 hours 9 min ago
Fix clipping shaders with some AMD/Intel drivers

error: unsized array index must be constant

Use hard coded number of clipping planes, copying the 4th to 5 & 6
when only 4 are used.
21 hours 21 min ago
Fix T60709: Apply Object Transform does nothing by default
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