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24 minutes ago
Fix memory leak in Normals from Faces operator
3 hours 42 min ago
GPU: Use uint in GPU_batch_uniform_1ui.
4 hours 32 min ago
UI: Outliner - Do not highlight icons of active lights

This removes the extra highlighting of lights that are active as this is not supported

Differential Revision:

Reviewed by Brecht Van Lommel
4 hours 49 min ago
Normal UI: Make Alt-N shortcut to Normals Menu.

See T64324 for discussion of normals ui.
Consensus on was to use Alt-N to pull up Normals Menu,
overwriting the old use of that key (Flip normals).
There are still shortcuts for Recalculate Outside and Recalculate Inside
which are likely the more common needs.
6 hours 11 min ago
Normal UI: for all ops needing autosmooth on, enable it if needed.

Now Normal menu operations and rotate normals (r n) do not need
manual enabling of autosmooth first.
See T64324 for discussion of Normal UI changes.
6 hours 12 min ago
Clip editor: make tool/sidebar wider by default, right align movie clip info
6 hours 17 min ago
Fix outliner drawing unselected active objects as if they are selected

Now we always draw a roundbox behind the active object icon, and only change
the text color if the active object is also selected. This matches the 3D
viewport better.
6 hours 17 min ago
Fix Python error in sequencer scene strip UI
6 hours 18 min ago
Accidentally overrode changes in 40d525474184
6 hours 23 min ago
UI: Sequencer menus

More updates to Sequencer menus from Peter Fog.

- Rename Cut operators in the UI to be more clear
- Re-organize the context menu to be nicer and more useful
- Select menu is clearer
- other assorted fixes and changes for clarity
6 hours 36 min ago
Sequencer: Hide panels when there is no actual sequences

before this the python script would raise an exception due to
attempt to show properties of None data.
6 hours 57 min ago
UI: right align info in image settings panel
7 hours 4 min ago
GPencil: Add new default Soft Brush
7 hours 35 min ago
UI: Top bar menu tweaks

* Use icon for Blender menu
* Move Startup/Factory settings to Defaults submenu under File
* Move Preferences under Edit
* Move Quit to File
7 hours 46 min ago
GPencil: Fix presets error after changing parameter name

The old use_follow_draw was renamed to alignment_mode
7 hours 52 min ago
Fix broken workbench tests after recent changes
7 hours 52 min ago
Color Management: update configuration, remove legacy transforms

* Replace Log view transform with Filmic Log.
* Remove Rec.709, DCI-P3 displays that were incomplete and outdated.
* Remove outdated RRT and Film transforms, replaced by Filmic.
* Remove camera responsive curves that don't work with HDR colors.
* Rename Default view transform to Standard.

We're breaking compatibility now for 2.80, so that we can add future
improvements on a clean config.

Part of the code was contributed by George Vogiatzis in D4782.

Differential Revision:
7 hours 52 min ago
Camera: change default f-stop from 5.6 to 2.8

This gives a more noticeable effect by default. Also fixes startup.blend not
having focus distance initialized correctly.
8 hours 19 min ago
Edit Mesh Select: Fix OpenGL status to use `GPU_point_size`.

The problem has worsened in rB94db2c1f3243.
Maybe this has contributed to T64779.
8 hours 25 min ago
Revert "Fix T64876: Checking Animated checkbox does not do what is documented."

Bad understanding of intents behind that setting, my mistake.

This reverts commit 49f530c7da6bd117c4b373307eb646d513538526.
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