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36 minutes ago
UI: improve names for mesh split operations
52 minutes ago
Fix T74898: Multiresolution Ghost After Orbiting

EEVEE and Workbench both had the same issue that they continue with the
last sample when leaving navigating. This is ok for regular meshes as
they are all the same. For multiresolution it ain't as a low res version
of the mesh is used during navigation.

This patch also resets the AA samples when the user leaves navigation.
2 hours 0 min ago
Keymap: 'M' for edit-mesh merge menu, 'Alt-M' for split menu

As the 'M' key is free, it's convenient to use for the merge menu,
especially since this contains "Merge by Distance",
a frequently used action.

Use 'Alt-M' for a new split menu, following our convention of Alt being
used for opposite functionality.

Also move merge/split menu's into the "Mesh" menu as neither operate
solely on a single mesh element type.
2 hours 0 min ago
UI: group edit-mesh Separate with Split & Merge

This was already the case for curve & armature.
2 hours 1 min ago
Edit Mesh: support splitting vertices

The edge split operator can now split faces & edges
from selected vertices.

This has the same functionality as manually ripping all
faces and edges away from a vertex.
4 hours 57 min ago
Cleanup: use sections for armature-select
5 hours 10 min ago
Armature: add Select Linked (Ctrl-L)

This matches select linked for other modes (curve, mesh)
11 hours 13 min ago
Build: hide most symbols on macOS on Linux to avoid conflicts

This means symbols from Blender itself and most external libraries. We can't
just hide all because that breaks some libraries. The better solution would
be to rebuild all library dependencies with hidden visibility.

Fixes T75223: Luxrender add-on failing to load on macOS
11 hours 34 min ago
Audaspace: Update From Upstream (For API Docs)

No functional changes:

- Cleanup Spelling, Line Length
- Use proper class method styling for py docs
- Fix Broken Links

Differential Revision:

Fixes T75191
15 hours 12 min ago
Fix undo misdetecting identical future chunk in some cases

Clear is_identical_future before adding a next undo step, to avoid wrong
values for cases where we undo and then add a step with different changes
than what was previously the next step.

Ref D7274
15 hours 12 min ago
Fix undo debug logging not printing all types of undo pushes

Ref D7274
15 hours 12 min ago
Fix undo incorrectly detecting mesh as always changed after edits

Mesh writes a modified copy, which meant recalc_undo_accumulated was never
cleared on the actual datablock. Also clear mesh->runtime on write to avoid
detecting changes, since it's cleared on read anyway.

Differential Revision:
15 hours 24 min ago
Fix T74547 EEVEE: Image texture crash with use after free

Same fix than for the other mapping types.
16 hours 25 min ago
GPencil: Remove `is_edit_mode` from cache data

This value is not used by new engine.
16 hours 27 min ago
GPencil: Remove GP_DATA_PYTHON_UPDATED used by old engine
16 hours 43 min ago
Fix T75144 Grease Pencil: Python generated strokes flicker and crash

This was caused by a flag not being reset in time, causing discard of
batches already queued to be drawn.
16 hours 58 min ago
GPencil: Rename Overlay blend mode to Hard Light

Differential Revision:
17 hours 24 min ago
EEVEE: Bloom: Fix inverted source and base buffer

This does not change the ouput much.
17 hours 24 min ago
GPencil: Fix overlay blend mode creating inverted colors
17 hours 24 min ago
Fix T74663 GPencil: Fills are Flickering on Nvidia

This was caused by an unitialized variable.
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