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Revision 4762020 by Sybren A. Stvel (sybren-usd)
November 12, 2019, 14:59 (GMT)
USD: Created abstract Blendfile-loading test class

This test class minimally sets up Blender so that it can load blend files
and construct a depsgraph without crashing. Note that I haven't tested this
on very complex blend files, so it may still crash when the loaded blend
file references/requires uninitialised data structures.

I also changed the USD Export Hierarchy Iterator Test to use the new test
class, and renamed it to Abstract Hierarchy Iterator Test as it doesn't
test anything USD-specific.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 476202026cf7238d6727d42967e38840bc4dbb9a
Parent Commit: 349d789
Lines Changed: +327, -260

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