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July 20, 2012, 18:06 (GMT)
* Added colors to smoke simulations. You can select smoke color for flows and for smoke emitted from fire.
* Added color support to smoke 3D-view preview.
* Added color support to Blender Internal "Voxel Data" textures. To render smoke with colors also enable "Reflection Color" from texture settings.
* Added options to disable heat, fire and colors from simulations. I'm going to make this automatic during next week, but until then you can use these settings for additional speedup if you don't need certain parts of simulation.
* Fix: It wasn't possible to select "Domain Object" for smoke force field from same object.
* Fix: Force fields affected smoke incorrectly when using adaptive domain.
* Fix: Smoke initial velocity sometimes got messed up for first frame.
* Fix: Smoke initial velocity was applied incorrectly in some cases.
* Some code cleanup and refactoring.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 5e29bd93c0daec60fa0970370528de8bd132fa02
SVN Revision: 49089
Parent Commit: 801b9d6
Lines Changed: +1159, -446

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