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Revision 7f4479d by George Kyriazis (master)
May 9, 2015, 14:52 (GMT)
Cycles: OpenCL kernel split

This commit contains all the work related on the AMD megakernel split work
which was mainly done by Varun Sundar, George Kyriazis and Lenny Wang, plus
some help from Sergey Sharybin, Martijn Berger, Thomas Dinges and likely
someone else which we're forgetting to mention.

Currently only AMD cards are enabled for the new split kernel, but it is
possible to force split opencl kernel to be used by setting the following
environment variable: CYCLES_OPENCL_SPLIT_KERNEL_TEST=1.

Not all the features are supported yet, and that being said no motion blur,
camera blur, SSS and volumetrics for now. Also transparent shadows are
disabled on AMD device because of some compiler bug.

This kernel is also only implements regular path tracing and supporting
branched one will take a bit. Branched path tracing is exposed to the
interface still, which is a bit misleading and will be hidden there soon.

More feature will be enabled once they're ported to the split kernel and

Neither regular CPU nor CUDA has any difference, they're generating the
same exact code, which means no regressions/improvements there.

Based on the research paper:

Here's the documentation:

Design discussion of the patch:

Differential Revision:

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 7f4479da425b2d44a585f1b7b63f91d9dfecef02
Parent Commit: f680c1b
Committed By: Sergey Sharybin
Lines Changed: +5784, -828

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