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Revision cddca9f by Luca Bonavita (master)
March 16, 2012, 10:49 (GMT)
== Python API docs ==

Committing a patch similar to revision 44887 with fixes to my own bugs
(sorry Campbell, and thanks for reviewing :)

- examples/ svn directory not removed anymore (in-source builds possible again)
- fixed "include references somehow stopped working"
+ using shutils.makearchive() to zip the file

New command line options

-l: Log the output of the api dump and sphinx|latex warnings and errors
If given, save logs in:
* OUTPUT_DIR/.bpy.log
* OUTPUT_DIR/.sphinx-build.log
* OUTPUT_DIR/.sphinx-build_pdf.log
* OUTPUT_DIR/.latex_make.log

(using only one log directive instead of -l for bpy and -L for sphinx)

-P: builds the pdf

-R: pack the files in a dir ready for online deployment
(including the zip and the pdf eventually)

Example usage:
./blender.bin -b -P doc/python_api/ -- -p bmesh* -o ./<OUTPUTDIR> -B -P -R -l

Commit Details:

Full Hash: cddca9f60679ae604ffe5ac2dd66043bf26d7fdb
SVN Revision: 44920
Parent Commit: 0a9f817
Lines Changed: +257, -94

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