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Revision f13bedd by Joseph Eagar (sculpt-dev)
November 25, 2021, 19:34 (GMT)
Sculpt-dev: sculpt_init_tool_override_channels
related fixes

Various fixes so sculpt_init_tool_override_channels
for shift-smooth can replicate the prior behavior:

* Brush spacing will now look up brush channel
spacing directly for sculpt, instead of relying
on copying the channel data into Brush.
* Brush spacing code will now use brush channel
pressure for sculpt. Fixes broken shift-smooth
pen pressure.
* The falloff_curve channel is now automatically
added (before it was only used internally by
command lists, the code was defaulting to
the Brush field otherwise).
* BrushCurve now has an option for custom curve
presets to have negative slopes.
* The Falloff panel now puts the type dropbox
inside the panel header.
* Falloff panel also now uses brush channel data in
sculpt mode.
* falloff_shape is now a brush channel

In a somewhat unrelated change, I also unnested the
Brush Settings subpanels. It's been driving me
insane for a very, very long time. Much more
usable this way.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: f13bedd649e64a7f02cb559c007c0cbb9ce6aa0c
Parent Commit: 9f45edd
Lines Changed: +497, -182

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