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Revision 04acfab by Richard Antalik (temp-vse-h264-proxy)
March 16, 2021, 11:25 (GMT)
VSE: Automatic proxy building

Add `Proxy Setup` enum to user preferences with 3 choices: Manual, For Added strips and Automatic.
With `For Added strips` Only build proxies when adding movie strips.
With `Automatic` setting, proxies are built when preview size changes as well.

- Decide what to do when workspace has multiple previews with different preview sizes. See `seq_get_preview_size()`
- Solution may be to change current design to allow only one size or just build multiple sizes.

Additional possible improvements:
- Cancel running job if preview size is changed while building proxies
- Use proxy of different size while building proxies for new size. it would be best to do after some refactoring, so in separate patch.
ref T85469

Maniphest Tasks: T85469

Differential Revision:

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 04acfab4ad3dda3f675b0376d799a368ca5b67da
Parent Commit: 06c4a97
Lines Changed: +307, -100

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