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Revision 0e3b878 by Peter Schlaile (master)
February 27, 2013, 00:04 (GMT)
== Sequencer ==

This fixes the placement code of new files added to the sequencer timeline.

The old code tried to guess the strip position from the current mouse
pointer position.

Annoying effect: if you add a new strip using the menu, especially if the
file editor pops up, the strip ends up in nowheres land (most likely around
track 40, frame -200).

New behaviour: strips are always placed at cfra, which is the
sequencer equivalent to the 3D cursor (and that's where new objects in
3D editing end up).

Bonus feature: we try our best to guess the right track by finding the
nearest strip by type.

The patch was inspired by
[#32766] VSE: Add Strip on Current Frame

Thanks to venomgfx for the idea!

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 0e3b878e0fb9457c1679fa03195cfa23e7865cf6
SVN Revision: 54894
Parent Commit: 4475caf
Lines Changed: +47, -16

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