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September 8, 2021, 07:49 (GMT)
Sculpt dyntopo:

* BLI_table_gset now internally uses a SmallHash instead of
a GHash. Profiling revealed this to be quite a bit
* This is something of a stopgap until C++-afication of
pbvh, when we'll have our pick of a bunch of
really nice C++ hashmap libs.
* pbvh_collapse_edge bites the dust; dyntopo now uses
BM_collapse_edge. Of the three topology operations
(subdivide edge, collapse edge, dissolve 3/4 valence
vertex) only dissolve still has a dyntopo-specific
* Fixed a bunch of annoying memory corruption bugs.
* Non-manifold triangles are now detected in more

SmallHash changes:

* Enabled removal
* Fixed infinite loop bug caused by
improperly counting free*d* cells
versus free cells.
* Added a BLI_smallhash_ensure_p method
that works just like the GHash version.

Sculpt replay system

* Roughed out a simple system to record and
play back sculpt strokes using a simple
text format.
* This is exclusively for
performance profiling and unit tests.
* For each brush stroke the system saves a copy
of the active StrokeCache and PaintStroke
and parts of Sculpt.

This should make profiling DRAM thrashing a lot

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 3e6edf5278e8fbc1f7163f62b67074867b531bfc
Parent Commit: 37bce7b
Lines Changed: +2433, -380

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