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Revision 3fe274b by Joshua Leung (master)
October 6, 2009, 03:05 (GMT)
Several fixes:

* Code for generating 'Object' summary of Keyframes for DopeSheet (which is also used by the TimeLine for getting keyframes to draw) now considers materials, object data, and particles too.

* Rearranged the way that keyframing-related settings were presented in the User Preferences. The way the settings were grouped was plain confusing, and based on biased views from the old system. For the record, 'needed'+'visual' are always considered when inserting keyframes, 'always' is for autokeyframing, and default interpolation is only used for newly created F-Curves.

* Fixed bug #19472 - Scroll wheel scrolls in the wrong direction for enum-menus that were flipped (i.e. window type menu and 3d-view mode selector).

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 3fe274b072df205614da150df9c3743f2b1b422a
SVN Revision: 23650
Parent Commit: 04b60b4
Lines Changed: +195, -49

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