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Revision 7a4ae00 by Martin Poirier (master)
April 23, 2005, 22:45 (GMT)
Replaced powf to (float)pow in zblur.c. Was giving problems with MSVC (the rest of the code base uses pow too).

MSVC 6.0 Projectfile changes for zblur and new files in ketsji.

Also adding BL_src projectfile to the commit, apparently it's not up to date with transform_conversions.c but I have it ok here and don't get any diffs.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 7a4ae00da258fe43fd05dd8fad3af980885bb3f5
SVN Revision: 4300
Parent Commit: 7fa7826
Lines Changed: +13, -1

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