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January 13, 2021, 09:14 (GMT)
Fix T84459: Face normals not displaying (AMD GPU)

This is part two of the fix for T84459.
Issue appears to be caused by AMD graphics driver later than 20.11.1 and
affects older GPUs (Polaris/FIJI cards). Drawing normals in edit mode
uses the same OpenGL data type for storing normals that is known to be

This change fixes the face dot normals by using GPU_COMP_I16.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: 89eda78d88a15720b178e904f9b5ad39d57dd62f
Parent Commit: 4a61e9e
Lines Changed: +82, -6

1 Modified Path:

/source/blender/draw/intern/draw_cache_extract_mesh.c (+82, -6) (Diff)
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