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Revision aefa626 by Peter Schlaile (master)
February 17, 2013, 21:44 (GMT)
== Sequencer ==

This fixes a bug in sequencer cut tool:

* if you cut two strips of the same name class (MVI_XXXX.MOV and MVI_XXXX.001)
the two new generated strips will end up with the same name.
(easy test case: add a MOV file with it's accompanying audio track to the
timeline and then cut both strips at once into two pieces)

* visible problem: your animation data will get messed up on the way, since
the animation system doesn't know, which strip it should assign the

Problem was caused by generating a new list of sequences within the
cut_seq_list() function:

Since dupli_seq() can't see the members of the new list of sequences, it
won't be able to assign unique names in all cases.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: aefa6261c324b8117c25041c285b6cb1eaab31f8
SVN Revision: 54618
Parent Commit: 3e07258
Lines Changed: +30, -18

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