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Revision afe0497 by Robert Wenzlaff (master)
March 8, 2004, 00:24 (GMT)
Rwenzlaff: Force update of displist when effects are present.
In an attempt to optimize, displist wasn't recalced if 3D window subsurf
level was the same as render subsurf level, this kept wave effect
from being calculated in animations if leves were equal.

Fixes 1/2 of bug #1000 (Still doesn't update 3D Window)

Commit Details:

Full Hash: afe04971c2e9de38a7ac8fd7b0972e28a546a212
SVN Revision: 2131
Parent Commit: cd0b492
Lines Changed: +2, -1

1 Modified Path:

/source/blender/renderconverter/intern/convertBlenderScene.c (+2, -1) (Diff)
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