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Revision bce2c02 by Stephen Swaney (master)
July 21, 2004, 21:01 (GMT)
New Curve method Curve.appendPoint( numcurve, newpoint ) to add
points to a Curve.

New supporting module CurNurb to provide access to the curves in a Curve
and their associated points.

Curve module now supports Python iterator and sequence protocols.
This allows typical python programming idioms using 'for' statement
and the [] operator.

# example 1
for curve in a_curve:
for point in curve:
print point

#example 2

curnurb = a_curve[0]
curnurb.append( [1,1,1,1] )

Still under construction. Epydoc will follow.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: bce2c02fdd6ebaf88ffc0950e87de96b0b65377f
SVN Revision: 2866
Parent Commit: 1c5302e
Lines Changed: +1722, -746

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