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Revision c57b398 by Jason Wilkins (soc-2012-swiss_cheese)
August 21, 2012, 11:35 (GMT)
"Pens Down" merge /w trunk r49015-r50064. Make clean patches for Google Summer of Code against trunk revision 50064.

Note: The new flag LIB_LOAD_ASYNC in the GE conflicted with trunks new LIB_LOAD_SCRIPTS, so I changed the value of ASYNC. So, heads up if these values has been saved in any .blend files!

Once again (see last merge note) it seems like node_draw.c had a bunch of wierd conflicts that make it look like it missed a merge or update. Not sure what is going on with that file.

Other parts of the merge had some difficulty resolving proper bracket nesting in places where it seems like the merge should have gone smoothly. Maybe that was KDiff3's fault? This reduces my confidence on if bugs were not introduced.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: c57b398ff9a93cc9d12011844efdc68ef0b5fb62
SVN Revision: 50082
Parent Commits: 4b458a8, 77f4779

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