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Revision ca951b3 by Mal Duffin (master)
July 29, 2008, 20:28 (GMT)
Am teaching a GE course this week, and am finding some small issues that I'm hoping to patch.

This one deals with the very small default clipend value ( 100.0 ) when pressing P to run the GE from a non-camera view. ( ie if the user zooms out a bit from the default box area, the box will get clipped out of view, so it's a WFT from the user )

To see what this fixes, load up Blender default scene, go into perspective, and press P. Everything looks grand. Now, zoom out until the box is about 10 pixels high, and press P again. The box will disappear / be clipped out.

I've set the clip end to the maximum ( 5000 ) as defined in Camera.h.

This should be suitable for inclusion in 2.47 branch also.

Commit Details:

Full Hash: ca951b3627b48beab9ddf14ac18040e2f24d959b
SVN Revision: 15872
Parent Commit: 039814f
Lines Changed: +1, -1

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