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Revision d8758e3 by Enrico Fracasso (master)
October 7, 2008, 17:13 (GMT)
* web plugin works on opera too

* added AppArmor configuration
* enabled privilege separation for the web plugin: the blender player can run as a lower privileged user, xauth token is generated on the fly .

* web plugin tested on ubuntu 32/64bit, fedora and FreeBSD

Changed only cmake build script: AppArmor is enabled by default, if you want to enable privilege separation instead, you have to change the cmake variable WEBPLUGIN_SANDBOX_MODE to privsep (or none to
disable it).

Warning: source/gameengine/GamePlayer/xembed/blenderplayer-wrapper.c must be setuid root in order to change user successfully

Commit Details:

Full Hash: d8758e32a06f76798285c300d2eb37595e1ba646
SVN Revision: 16961
Parent Commit: 94a9fa4
Lines Changed: +12, -7

1 Modified Path:

/CMakeLists.txt (+12, -7) (Diff)
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