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Revision de818da by Joshua Leung (master)
October 13, 2009, 11:21 (GMT)
DopeSheet: DopeSheet Summary Channel

Added a summary channel that appears as the first channel in the DopeSheet. For now, this is disabled by default, but can be enabled using the 'Summary' toggle in the header between the mode selector and the standard filtering options. This has been done, since there is a possibility that it will make the DopeSheet run a bit slower.

In this channel you can do everything that you can normally do with DopeSheet channels (i.e. select, transform, edit, etc). It might be worth noting though that care probably needs to be taken when trying to use Copy/Paste, since that is still a bit fidgety...

In the process, I've fixed a few bugs, mostly with selection:
- Selecting keyframes in scene summaries wouldn't work
- Border select only worked in F-Curve and Group channels

Commit Details:

Full Hash: de818dace53343a1fcbb03d8e535a77617c037fa
SVN Revision: 23806
Parent Commit: f4d2926
Lines Changed: +204, -21

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